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Source : Global Coronavirus News  Feb 27, 2020  3 years ago
As Global Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis Worsens, Public Anger Is Growing Along With Calls For Resignations Of WHO Leadership, EU heads, Leaderships in South Korea, China and Iran
As Global Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis Worsens, Public Anger Is Growing Along With Calls For Resignations Of WHO Leadership, EU heads, Leaderships in South Korea, China and Iran
Source : Global Coronavirus News  Feb 27, 2020  3 years ago
Globally, the coronavirus has now spread to more than 53 countries with more than 3300 confirmed coronavirus infected cases and 47 deaths. This is are all so called official figures and are merely the tip off the iceberg, as the figures are rising exponentially by the hour and cover ups are being unveiled.

As the real truth of the coronavirus spread and magnitude is gradually being uncovered and also the fact the coronavirus is not just some common cold that many governments has been misleading its citizens, there is now growing anger with the public everywhere calling for resignations of leaders whose task was to in the first place stop the spread and secondly to manage the crisis in an expeditious but effective manner. There is now even a group based in New York that has so called managed to get the support of more than 1,720 lawyers from around the world to seek criminal and civil actions against health authorities and entities, social media and newspapers that has been either concealing information with regards to the coronavirus either by using the constant labeling of fake news or misinformation or simply by direct concealment.
Top of the list are leaders from the World Health Organization (WHO) who many feel have been slow and clueless and simply allies of the Chinese government in the cover-ups. Lead by Ethiopian national, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesustredros whose seems to have a separate agenda focused on primarily raising funds primarily for the South African continent which also houses his own country, Ethiopia while literally coming up with no concrete measures to stop the spread. In fact many of WHO’s policies of not to close borders, not to stop travel to and from China seems to be strategies that actually help spread the deadly disease from China,the source of the deadly coronavirus to the rest of the rest of the world.
It was also shocking that its team that recently went on a fact finding mission to China that were led by so called medical experts had the audacity to say that they supported China measures to control the contain the outbreak in its own country. Many of these so called measures actually contravened human rights violations (mind you this coming from an agency that is part of the United Nations!) Further more in China itself, it is now being revealed by ‘rebellious’ Chinese doctors and even provincial authorities that most of these so called measures have ever either aggravated the spread (as in the case of field hospitals) while some of its drastic quarantine strategies actually caused more deaths!
In China, despite daily concealments and cover ups, the Chinese public at the ground levels have finally started speaking up and rejecting all the fake news on the state owned media with many now officially criticizing the government and even voicing their displeasures online and challenging the Chinese leadership by asking that the President be replaced.
In South Korea, where confirmed cases are now at about 1,320 confirmed cases with 12 deaths so far, the South Korea leadership has been criticized for not banning travel to and from China and also sending medical supplies to China while its own citizens are facing shortages. There is now growing pressure and also an online petition asking President Moon to resign.
In Italy and Spa in, there is now investigations that are unfolding that EU and the ECDC had been pressuring governments to not go public about initial cases of the coronavirus by using a delaying technique citing technicalities with regards to definitions of what are actually termed as coronavirus infected cases. It has come to light that these delaying techniques were going on for as long as three weeks, critical time which could have prevented the figures we are seeing in Italy and the spread of the virus elsewhere in Europe. Again the public is asking that EU leaders take responsibility and step down.
In Iran, sporadic mobs and riots are gradually growing in numbers as the government not only concealed the outbreak but is simply unable to manage the crisis in any way.
As the coronavirus spread continues and its magnitude becomes apparent, the epidemic is going to have a massive impact not only in the health and medical sectors  and  the global economy, but also on politics and the social landscape.
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