Source: Thailand Medical News  May 20, 2019  3 years ago
Anti-Aging Drug ,ALT-711 (Alagebrium Chloride) Again Gaining Prominence Due To New Studies
Anti-Aging Drug ,ALT-711 (Alagebrium Chloride) Again Gaining Prominence Due To New Studies
Source: Thailand Medical News  May 20, 2019  3 years ago
In 2005, John Hopkins Medical Institution first published data in numerous medical journals about a new class of drugs known as collagen-crosslink breakers that was supposed to assist in the rejuvenation of arterial capillaries that have been damaged due to aging processes and also by AGEs or  Advanced Glycation Endproducts that are formed as a result of too much glucose in the bloodstream reacting with proteins in the cellular levels. These AGEs besides being responsible for blood vessel damage which could cause various cardiovascular problems and also kidney issues and liver damage, were also responsible for various dementia related issues due to aging.

Despites numerous studies done in the year 2005 and 2006 that indicated that Algebrium Cholride was indeed a good drug for the reversal of arterial damage, it did not gain much attention and was not widely talked about and some even dismissed it as another “snake oil’ product.
Once of the reasons the drug temporarily vanished was because it was originally developed by  a pharma company called  Alteon which merged with a company called HaptoGuard that was developing a potential diagnostic test for haptoglobin, as part of the merger Genentech, which held preferred shares in Alteon, converted their shares and received the right to get payments and royalties on sales of alagebrium, and option rights to license ALT-711 .In 2007, the company changed its name to Synvista Therapeutics, Inc. Synvista announced that it was terminating clinical trials of alagebrium in January 2009 in order to focus on the diagnostic test and another clinical candidate SYI-2074 (formerly ALT-2074) However the company ran into financial problems and  discontinued operations. The patents and license for ALT-711 have however been acquired by a Singaporean Indian Investor based in New York in 2017 and since then new studies have emerged on the forgotten drug.
Recent researches on the drug is again gaining ground in Switzerland, Germany and the US and new studies indicate even more positive results that shows the anti-aging merits of Algebrium Chloride.
Some of these new studies include those done by University Of Bio Medico-Rome, Italy, Golden Jubilee National Hospital-Glassgow, University of Lodz-Poland, University Of All Sciences-India, University Of Utah, Mayo Clinic, and numerous others indicate that not only is Alagebrium Chloride proving to be able to repair and rejuvenate blood capillaries and vessels but also assists in organ tissue and dermal tissue repair. Its anti-oxidative properties are also showing indication in terms of being helpful in certain cardiac and liver disease prevention .
Anti-aging clinics across the US are once again promoting various  ALT-711 protocols but patients are advised to only explore therapies with licensed and credible physicians who are qualified in the administering of ALT-711 pending careful diagnostics of the patients current conditions.

Editor’s Note:Thailand Medical News totally advises anyone against taking any so called supplements sold online or retail that claim to contain ALT-711. Only consult a certified doctor that has credentials in providing the said protocol.


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