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Source: Zero COVID  Apr 10, 2022  1 year, 7 months, 2 weeks, 6 days, 13 hours, 43 minutes ago

Zero COVID Policies Are Stupid And Now Redundant Considering The Kinetics Of The Pandemic. China Is An Example. Effective Antivirals Are Desperately Needed!

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Zero COVID Policies Are Stupid And Now Redundant Considering The Kinetics Of The Pandemic. China Is An Example. Effective Antivirals Are Desperately Needed!
Source: Zero COVID  Apr 10, 2022  1 year, 7 months, 2 weeks, 6 days, 13 hours, 43 minutes ago
If at the very beginning of the debut of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in December 2019 in Wuhan-China, advocates of Zero COVID strategies were to have put stringent measures and lockdowns globally into place when the caseloads were still not high and the virus spread was not so rampant, perhaps we would not be in the hopeless situation that we are now in. We have the WHO and also many experts to blame for this failure.

Moving forward, 28 months into this pandemic where the official daily infection rates globally are now exceeding 1.2 million per day (real figures could be as high as 5 to 6 times!) and where almost half a billion people have already been infected and many still having viral persistence, (Again real estimates could be as high as almost 3 billion now!) the concept of initiating Zero COVID-19 policies and lockdowns are totally hopeless and redundant.
Furthermore, with the virus now having zoonotic reservoirs in so many domestic and also wild animals coupled with the fact that the virus is not only just airborne but also possibly water borne, food borne etc with the new emerging variants exhibiting better environmental stability, we are really in a very compromising situation!
Coming back to the issue of the virus being airborne, I am still confused as to why many are still making a big fuss about it as many with brains already knew since the start of the pandemic that the virus was airborne with the exception of the morons at the WHO and the US CDC. In fact I have news for many of the so called experts and stem grads out there, the SARS-CoV-2 virus is not only airborne but we can actually use the term ‘super airborne’ as even winds can spread it for some distances and with the new variants that are emerging, they are also ever adapting to environmental conditions with their conformational structures and are able to remain infectious for even longer periods of time.
All these fuss about masking and also N95 masks etc are just some drama queens over reacting as in reality, unless you are staying in a sterile bubble, even masking is not to help too much anymore! Literally everyone who got infected wore mask so far! Yes it might reduce infection rates a bit but is it worth the damage that masking can also cost in terms of your health. (Go read up about the adverse effects of masking please!).
We are at a stage of the pandemic where we have come to a point of no return. We have to admit that we messed up big time.
The vaccines are only providing temporary relief in the sense that they might be preventing disease severity and also preventing deaths in some but the protection offered by the vaccines are waning over time and worst excess jabs are also affecting our own immunity not to mention that the vaccines are also causing the virus to fight back and mutate to develop new variants that are resistant to the vaccine induced immunity. The same applies to natural immunity which the virus is also evolving against.
To a certain extent, I sympathize with the various governments across the world and some of their deceitful strategies of no longer wanting to report about the extent of daily infections, hospitalizations and even deaths so as to simply conceal the real situation. Many are now lifting measures, lockdowns and travel restrictions and are carrying on with normal economic activity while quietly resigning to the fact that many will eventually die….either fast or slowly! (where the deaths might not even be identified as being COVID related!)
To add to the kinetics of the current pandemic, we have so many newly emerging variants and subvariants emerging, something unprecedented in the history of viruses and of which those controlling the COVID-19 narratives are trying to conceal to the public. Many of these new variants can evade vaccine induced immunity and natural immunity very effectively and reinfections are going to be the new norm along with coinfections, each time spawning even newer subvariants and recombinant variants while depleting the health of the human host! (In the last 24 hours, another 6 new BA.2 subvariants have been identified in various geolocations across the globe!)

The new emerging variants and subvarianst are far more transmissable and will soon even displace measles as the most contagious and transmissable pathogen ever known!
Many of these new emerging variants cannot even be detected by the existing PCR protocols not to mention the various rapid antigen test kits which have a very low reliability rate. In fact these rapid test kits are really doing no one any service anymore and are a waste of monies and time. (I laugh whenever I see drama queens trying to act like they are helping the poor when they distribute rapid test kits! Wtf is a poor peasant to do if they test positive but cannot access the right drugs or proper medical care….end up being more mentally disturbed and suicidal?)
I personally predict that by the next two months, the whole world will be very badly affected by the emerging variants.
The current antivirals that were approved such as remdesivir, paxlovid and even molnupiravir are but a farce and are not only ineffective against the newer variants but dangerous with a lot of long-term side effects.
Those advocating ivermectin, fluvoxamine, colchicine, niclosamide, metformin, bromohexine, famotidine, celebrex etc have no clue that the pathogenesis of the emerging variants have changed and using some of these drugs can actually backfire. Most of these drugs could treat the arising conditions caused by infection with the initial strains but did not possess any antiviral properties per se against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
What is desperately needed are effective combination of antivirals to eradicate the virus fast while watching out for drug resistance developing.
The answer actually likes in nature itself. As I had always being saying from day, study the various animal host where the virus has developed a symbiotic existence without harming the host and focus on their plant diets. Along with that also focus on the vast numbers of phytochemicals that exhibit antiviral properties. The solutions are all there, it’s a matter of whether anyone really wants to invest the monies and resources into it.
Coming back to China, in the last 24 hours, a total of 23, 576 new infections were recorded in China but many now suspect that the Chinese authorities are simply lying and that the real figures could be around ten-fold and that the death rates are also extremely high despite China claiming no daily deaths from COVID-19 for the last few days!
The stupid lockdowns in China are actually not only a violation of human rights but are literally causing more deaths as many with other existing medical conditions are not able to get access to medical help not to mention that millions that are now starving due to not being able to get access to food supplies. That is how the Chinese government treats its people! Hopefully as the situation worsens in China, the locals will finally get it into their heads to start uprising and overthrow their cruel leaders.
Zero COVID strategies and policies are no longer applicable in this current pandemic and it is time the dinosaurs advocating the come up with some thing more effective and useful as mankind is literally running out of time.


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