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Source: SARS CoV-2 Variants  May 30, 2021  6 months ago
WARNING! Scientists Need To Focus On Every SARS CoV-2 Variant Separately When Developing Drugs Or Treatment Protocols. Every New Variant Is Unique!
WARNING! Scientists Need To Focus On Every SARS CoV-2 Variant Separately When Developing Drugs Or Treatment Protocols. Every New Variant Is Unique!
Source: SARS CoV-2 Variants  May 30, 2021  6 months ago
Thailand Medical News is once again sending warning alerts to the medical and scientific community to stop clumping all SARS-CoV-2 strains and variants as being homogenous when developing therapeutics or treatment protocols as it is emerging that the pathogenesis of every new variant is slightly different from the rest and more so, it is emerging that the new variants including the second and third generation variants are affecting the human host immune system differently and in some cases even display totally unique modus operandi of attacking the human host. Different cellular pathways are also being targetted. https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.05.28.446149v1
(More detailed studies are underway to prove all these and will be published soon.)

As an example, it has been found that the second generation variants ie the B.1.617.2 and the B.1.617.3 variants affects the respiratory airway regions differently from other strains and it is also emerging that it also affects the gastrointestinal tract more aggressively than previous variants.
There is also now unproven speculations that unlike the earlier SARS-CoV-2 strains and variants, the newer variants like the B.617.2 could be attacking the CD4 and CD8 cells aggressively and aids in the materialization of secondary opportunistic infections such as those seen in the case of HIV patients. Studies are underway after a mainstream news report appeared about low CD4 cells manifestations in patients in Indore, India. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/indore/my-collects-samples-of-black-fungus-patients-with-lower-cd4-level-for-hiv-test/articleshow/82997672.cms
In fact whatever details that studies and research had discovered in the first 12 months of the pandemic needs to be put aside and instead detailed pathogenesis and pathway studies need to conducted specifically with regards to every infection with a unique variant. Things might also get more complicated as it emerges that co-infections with more than one variant is also becoming more common especially in settings like substandard field hospitals etc that are common in many South American, South Asian and South-East Asian countries including Thailand.
It already alarming that Vietnam in the last 24 hours announced the emergence of a new recombined strain involving the UK B.1.1.7 variant and the Indian B.1.617 variant. Both are V OCs or variants of concern. Details of the newly emerged variant have yet to be published.
Moderna has also issues warnings that more SARS-CoV-2 variants are fast emerging and new surges are on the way. They warn that that everybody needs to be alert and more vigilant. https://www.barrons.com/articles/at-modernas-science-day-focus-is-on-covid-variants-51622204258
COVID-19 disease can no longer be treated as a homogenous disease but rather a personalized medicine approach is desperately needed, taking into account the variants affecting the person along with the patient’s own genetic variant profile, existing comorbidities and a variety of other factors including age, sex blood group and even ethnic background.
The same will also apply to long COVID conditions. We will see a huge array of medical conditions arising, each according to the unique variants at play.
We are no longer dealing with one singular pandemic but rather a multitude of unique pathogen variants. The coming surges will prove this even so.
It is also interesting to note that in countries like the United States, due to political issues, there has been of all of a sudden lesser vigilance on emerging variants and genomic testing have dropped in the last few weeks and even just normal PCR testing has dropped. There seems to be a concerted effort to portray the COVID-19 vaccination programme as being extremely successful. In actual reality, there are now a lot of questions emerging about the vaccine true efficacy. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanmic/article/PIIS2666-5247(21)00069-0/fulltext
In the coming impending catastrophic surge, it is expected that America will pay dearly for its folly as will many other nations. https://www.thailandmedical.news/news/thailand-medical-news-apologizes-about-a-prediction-that-a-new-catastrophic-covid-surge-will-occur-in-august-new-study-shows-it-will-start-earlier-in-
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