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Source: Covid-19 News  Apr 06, 2020  3 years, 5 months, 3 weeks, 1 day, 16 hours, 15 minutes ago

MUST READ! COVID-19 Crisis Unlikely To End In The Next Few Years, Eight Distinct Mutated Strains Identified With Different Clinical Manifestations

MUST READ! COVID-19 Crisis Unlikely To End In The Next Few Years, Eight Distinct Mutated Strains Identified With Different Clinical Manifestations
Source: Covid-19 News  Apr 06, 2020  3 years, 5 months, 3 weeks, 1 day, 16 hours, 15 minutes ago
COVID-19: Thailand Medical News has always been the forefront of breaking the latest credible research and developments with regards to the COVID-19 disease and often it is a grim picture. Our intention is not to cause panic or make things even more depressing but rather for medical researchers and healthcare professionals to be aware or issues so that solutions can be found and precautions taken.

Despite trying to highlight the facts and warn many, we have been indirectly accused of providing misinformation or simply ignored by some since day one, of issues that we brought up about incubation periods, that it has long periods of survival on surfaces, the fact that it attacks ACE2 receptors, that it is airborne, that it is mutating, that it attacks the nervous system etc despite the fact that we were reporting with supporting medical studies and research data.
However on every issue to date, we have been proven correct while it has come to light that establishments like the WHO and the US CDC are the actual perpetrators of fake news and misinformation that has resulted in many more being infected and dying (example to not wear mask or that social distancing of between 1 to 3 meters is safe, etc.  Kindly review all of our archives of more than 1,173 articles on the coronavirus and note the dates)
We have taken two Italian journalist to court and got one fired for claiming that our coverage about the SARS-CoV-2 ability to cause infertility in men as being fake while in reality there are now more researches than ever backing it. (Do not ask us why your mainstream media or health authorities are not talking about it)!-latest-research-published-by-chinese-scientists-say-coronavirus-might-render-certain-male-patients-infertile
In this article, we wish to warn all that the Covid-19 crisis is unlikely to peak or even be over anytime soon but rather what we are currently witnessing is simply the dry runs by this new coronavirus. We keep insisting that we will witness waves of the epidemic.
When the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus first emerged in China, it was already starting to mutate at a very fast rate and many evolutionary branches were already developing and exhibiting distinct characteristics. Sadly many experts were in denial and worst some virologist and genomic specialist basing their judgments on redundant past principles, were claiming that the virus was not mutating or that it was likely to become milder and might die off naturally.
We at Thailand Medical News working with certain Chinese researchers were warning the contrary,,-seems-to-be-evolving -of-pasteur-say-that-new-coronavirus-has-rapid-multiplication-capabilities-both-in-host-and-in-culture,000-times-more-potent-
The National Geographic however supported our views and even talked to other research entities that revealed the virus was mutating at a rate of about every 15 days.
To date more than 2000 genomic sequences have been performed all around the world and after our calls for more attention to be paid on the mutations of this new coronavirus and also for all to start sharing information,  about 446 distinct strains have been identified linked to various clades.
Of this various strains, 8 distinct mutated strains have been identified. These 8 strains have distinct codon changes on its RNA strains meaning that even diagnostics such as the current PCR NAT test will no longer be accurate or effective in determining some of these strains hence that is why new diagnostics that are more broader in scope need to be developed
These new mutated strains and also the fact the  SARS-CoV-2 has multiple modes of ‘attacking’ or binding to human host cells has implications on drug research and also vaccine development and as more distinct mutated strains develop, it will even complicate these research developments. From what can be seen, no single drug could be effective in treating the Covid-19 disease but rather a combo is needed unless the drug candidate has a broad spectrum approach and the same goes for the vaccine.
So far a lot of research since we mentioned about how the SARS-Cov-2 virus binds to the ACE2 receptors has been focused only on that with very little attention paid to its other ways of binding via the furin cleavages, GRP78 receptors, the CD 147 receptors etc. New studies have also emerged that the various strains have even more modes of binding with human host cells and also affecting the various proteins in the body,-have-variety-of-binding-sites-40-new-prospective-drug-candidates-identifie
This has implications that even in recovered patients, be prepared to witness newer chronic conditions emerging in a matter of time….we will be focusing on that in a matter of time as we are shorthanded and also lack resources to elaborate on that.
It is because of the new strains and different modes of binding or ‘attacking’ that we are witnessing different clinical manifestations ie from the typical fever and coughs and pneumonia during early days in Wuhan to newer symptoms in the UK such gastro problems, symptoms related to nervous system damage ie loss of smell and even confusion and cognitive issues etc and also different reasons or causes of deaths ie heart failure, kidney failure etc.
Recent autopsies of dead Covid-19 patients in Washington have even revealed far shocking details which we are not at liberty to disclose just yet until we have concrete evidence.
There is also evidence  to show that most new asymptomatic patients will still exhibit a mild strange sorethroat symptom that can last a day or two in many while longer in others without any fever, coughs, gastro problems etc as it seems to be the hallmark characteristics of a new mutated strain that is rampant globally.
We have newer cases of asymptomatic patients suddenly experiencing clinical  symptoms and fast deterioration of the body in less than 48 hours and death, this has been happening in Italy, Spain and Iran.
If anybody really things that things are over in China, please do you due diligence to get a real perspective of how details are being covered in China. We expect that by the second week of May, China will have to openly disclose the true status of what is happening in the country as it will no longer be able to handle the growing numbers. This is would be China’s second wave and one of the many waves like everywhere else, countries will have to face. Most of these patients in China are asymptomatic for a while.
Most of the governments and health authorities are clueless about this new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and are mishandling the crisis while medical experts and researchers are too focused on their own tracks without stopping and comparing all the emerging data and studies as a whole. Many of the Western researchers are also so arrogant that they refuse to acknowledge many studies emerging from Chinese researchers who themselves are rebelling against their own government ‘s cover ups.
Most doctors and health professionals are also just as clueless about how to treat Covid-19 and are merely basing protocols from guidelines written by healthcare authorities.
Some pharmaceutical companies and governments are even taking advantage of the situation to gain financially from the situation or even to exert diplomatic control. So far there are no known drugs or treatments that can treat the Covid-19.Many  are termed as just experimental drugs with some having studies that have been manipulated by governments and pharma companies.
With all these new emerging data, we doubt that the crisis will even be over in 15 to 18 months as we doubt a real vaccine and drug protocol can be found in time to deal with all the emerging strains and epidemic waves. Be prepared for a long haul of at least a few years.
Though this is a very bleak picture of what is happening, there are some major breakthroughs in drug research and the SARS-Cov-2 research that shows ways we can manage the first wave to deal with the existing mutated strains and Thailand Medical News will be covering that in a few exclusive articles.
We are sometimes under constrain as we cannot publish everything due to laws and regulatory measures that govern medical sites and also sometimes  fear for being labeled as fake news and that is why we sometimes delay publishing new data.
For reader who cannot face the truth and do not agree with our coverages, kindly stop accessing our sites and stop wasting our bandwidths.
The same goes for readers who do not like us asking for donations, we are not medical site like in the US or UK, where such sites can ask for government grants to sustain themselves comfortably.
We are based in a region where corruption, nepotism and ego is strife and we do not get any financial support from any agencies. We try not to accept ads as we do not want to feature paid or manipulated contents. Despite having millions of unique visitors to our site per month, and asking for donations, we have received donations from 11 kind souls so far.
For those who still want to know the truth and more about COVID-19, keep logging on to Thailand Medical News.
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