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Source: COVID-19 News  Aug 01, 2022  4 months ago
LATEST! Expect Reinfections With SARS-CoV-2 BA.5 And BA.2 Variants Including Their Subvariants Even If You Just Got Infected With Either Or Are Jabbed!
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LATEST! Expect Reinfections With SARS-CoV-2 BA.5 And BA.2 Variants Including Their Subvariants Even If You Just Got Infected With Either Or Are Jabbed!
Source: COVID-19 News  Aug 01, 2022  4 months ago
COVID-19 News: Physicians and researchers in the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Japan and Australia are sounding alerts and are concerned as they are witnessing more patients who despite having got infected with either the BA.2 variant or BA.5 variant are still getting re-infected just after 2 to 4 weeks irrespective of vaccination status. In a few cases where genomic sequencing data was available, it was found some who got infected with the BA.5 variant and recovered, still got re-infected with the same variant after 3 to 5 weeks and in some cases newer BA.5 subvariants were at play!

Furthermore, all the re-infections were found to be far more severe or worse off irrespective of vaccination status! Viral persistence was not ruled out but there was no available data that it was at play or that the virus could remain dormant and then be reactivated.
As there has been no proper surveillance or studies conducted on reinfections with the same variant or even subvariants of the same variant, certain researchers in Japan, United Kingdom and United States have just started monitoring these occurrences.
These observations are worrisome as it tends to indicate despite certain frivolous studies, that even infections with the BA.5 variant will not protect one against re-infection with the same variant or its newer subvariants and reinforces the prediction that the SARS-CoV-2 is indeed evolving to evade both natural and vaccine-induced immunity.
Japan is one country that is witnessing the most cases of reinfections and local physicians are pleading that more detailed genomic surveillance is required as something is definitely occurring in the population.
The continued surge in Japan and continuing rise in daily COVID-19 infections are also being fueled by reinfections.
According to latest COVID-19 News updates, as of the last 24 hours, Japan saw 200,945 new COVID-19 infections (31st July 2022) and 102 COVID-19 deaths of which 67 were reinfections!
The same phenomena are being observed in South Korea that has reported 45,127 new COVID-19 infections in the last 24 hours and 21 deaths. 18 of these deaths were classified as reinfections.
It is believed that the same surges with reinfections are occurring in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and also the United States but all reported data are either underreported or there is lack of proper monitoring or the governments of some of these countries are merely concealing the real scenario.
In the case of Australia even the local media has confirmed that figures in certain states are being underreported. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-08-01/victoria-covid-surge-peak-hospitalisations-cases-deaths/101289134
We can expect to see more BA.5 sub-variants emerging with interesting mutations on them as the new BA.5 variant is evolving more rapidly that previous variants and is spawning newer mutations to evade the antibodies from both natural immunity and vaccine-induced antibodies as well as the monoclonal antibodies being used as therapeutics and also the antivirals that are being used.
 < br /> The next few surges with small intervals and mainly re-infections, will be fueled by the new BA.2.75, BA.2.77, BA.2.78 as well as the BA.5.2, BA.5.2.1, BA.5.3, BA.5.5, BA.5.6, BE.1, BE.1.1, BE.3, BF.3 and the BA.4.6 variants before the next more antigenic drifted and lethal variant emerges most probably in late October or early November.
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