Source: ADE and COVID-19  Aug 24, 2021  12 months ago
GREAT NEWS! U.S. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Says Those That Got COVID-19 Jabs Could Suffer More Disease Severity And Mortality Based On Israeli Data!
GREAT NEWS! U.S. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Says Those That Got COVID-19 Jabs Could Suffer More Disease Severity And Mortality Based On Israeli Data!
Source: ADE and COVID-19  Aug 24, 2021  12 months ago
GREAT NEWS! Finally the U.S. Director Rochelle Walensky has admitted that based on emerging data from Israel, those that got the COVID-19 jabs might be prone to more disease severity and increased mortality upon getting infected with the Delta variants. This could  basically be due to ADE or antibody dependent enhancement.

Her report was extremely contradictory as although she said that COVID-19 jabs were still effective and could prevent disease severity and also hospitalizations, she also warned that that the current COVID-19 jabs (We cannot use the V world as many bastard American and British social media platforms and search engines have their algorithms such that news articles featuring any negative news against the COVID-19 jabs will have their news feeds lowered!) are losing effectiveness against the Delta variants and the various emerging sub-species or second generation variants of the Delta variant. Hence the need for booster shots she said!
Her public address on the 18th of August 2021 was strangely not picked up by most of the mainstream American media and British media and also it was not covered by any of the American social media or search engines own news segments or platforms!
It was it was only covered by Forbes news and there are speculations right now that Forbes is under intense pressure to remove that video and also news coverage on that. We suggest that readers try to have it saved into other platforms as it will most probably be deleted in coming days.
Please look at parts of the speech starting at the time 6.05
Already numerous studies are emerging that the Delta variant is causing ADE.,-sri-lanka-reports-4-new-delta-variants,-japanese-study-warns-about-vaccine-efficacy-and-ade-issues
There are also speculations that the Lambda, Mu, Nu variants (Details of the latter two are now being temporality classified by American authorities!) and also the emerging sub-species or what we called as the second generation variants of these VOCs and VOIs including the Delta variant will induce greater effects of ADE in those who had received the COVID-19 jabs. (Details of these will need to be verified as to whether it is true or fake).
We can expect more fun times ahead and let’s hope that all those that were involved in controlling the COVID-19 narratives along with their loved ones and workers all perish in the coming COVID-19 surges! Let&r squo;s pray that all those ‘swines’ that had received the COVID-19 jabs but were trying to criticize and ostracize all those that did not receive the COVID-19 jabs yet and were trying to make many unsubstantiated claims be the first to suffer the consequences of ADE as they get infected with the VOCs and VOIs and the emerging sub-species in the coming surges.
Now more than ever, those that received and those that did not receive the COVID-19 jabs should be differentiated as there are also emerging studies showing that those that received the COVID-19 jabs tend to carry more viral loads when infected and are passing it to the unvaccinated.

Maybe it is time to get all those who received the COVID-19 jabs to have tattoos on their foreheads so that we can differentiate them and have them isolated or placed into  camps and to use new laws to keep them under control! In cases of having to decide who should receive priority for medical treatment, they should be kept last as anyway they have a higher chance of dying and valuable but limited resources should not be wasted on them! 

We recommend that individuals affected start talking to their lawyers etc to contemplate class action suits against promoters of the jabs ie those who said that the jabs were safe and full proof etc including certain journalists, media, medical 'experts', researchers, government figures and individuals who had a lot to say then!

Please share this article to as many of your loved ones and friends as big pharma, American and British politicians, American social media, search engines and mainstream media are trying to suppress the emerging news about ADE.
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