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Source: COVID-19 Research  Apr 11, 2020  3 years ago
BREAKING NEWS! Study Finds That SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus That Causes Deadly COVID-19 Disease Can Be Found In Air 4 Meters Away From Infected Individuals
BREAKING NEWS! Study Finds That SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus That Causes Deadly COVID-19 Disease Can Be Found In Air 4 Meters Away From Infected Individuals
Source: COVID-19 Research  Apr 11, 2020  3 years ago
COVID-19 Research Updates: A New Study Conducted in China by medical researchers from the Academy of Military Sciences, Tianjin, China and Wuhan’s Huoshenshan Hospital, and published in the US CDC’s Journal: Emerging Infectious Diseases, states the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus could be found in air samples as far as 4 meters away from infected patients.

This new study along a few other past studies totally shows that many policies and strategies of social distancing and also advice of no need to wear mask that was advocated by World Health Organization was nothing more than misinformation and fake news that have harmed millions of lives.
The medical researchers tested surface and air samples from an intensive care unit and a general COVID-19 ward at Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan. They housed a total of 24 patients between Feb 19 and Mar 2.
The researchers found that the virus was most heavily concentrated on the floors of the wards, "perhaps because of gravity and airflow causing most virus droplets to float to the ground".
High levels were also found on frequently touched surfaces like computer mice, rubbish bins, bed rails and doorknobs. (earlier WHO articles also denounced that the virus could be found on such surfaces for long.)
The researchers also warned that "more than half of the samples from the soles of the ICU medical staff shoes tested positive. Therefore, the soles of medical staff shoes might function as carriers."
The Chinese researchers also looked at so-called aerosol transmission, when the droplets of the virus are so fine they become suspended and remain airborne for several hours, unlike cough or sneeze droplets that fall to the ground within seconds.

Shockingly, they found that virus-laden aerosols were mainly concentrated near and downstream from patients at up to 4m and sometimes more, though smaller quantities were found upstream, up to 2.4m.
To date, aerosolisation of the coronavirus is a contentious area for scientists who study it, because it is not clear how infectious the disease is in the tiny quantities found in ultrafine mist.
A few medical experts even speculate that not only is the SARS-Cov-2 “super airborne” in that they theorize that the virus can not only remain in the air as fine particle for long extended periods of time (similar to spores) but can also travel far away even by wind currents. (there is however no studies that have yet to be conducted to study this but calls are being made to study this.)
To date, the highly incompetent The World Health Organization has so far downplayed the risk, while US health authorities have adopted a more cautious line and urged people t o cover their faces when out in public in case the virus can be transmitted through normal breathing and speaking.
As usual when the WHO was contacted to comment on this new study, they never responded back.
The study findings now add to a growing debate on how the disease is transmitted.
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