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Source:   Aug 17, 2022  10 months ago
BREAKING! Measles Virus Spreading In Zimbabwe and Afghanistan That Is Causing Deaths In Children Is A New Genotype Never Identified Before!
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BREAKING! Measles Virus Spreading In Zimbabwe and Afghanistan That Is Causing Deaths In Children Is A New Genotype Never Identified Before!
Source:   Aug 17, 2022  10 months ago
Emerging preliminary data from an international collaboration of researchers from the United Kingdom, Africa and the UAE is indicating the current measles virus that is currently causing a deadly outbreak in parts of  Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and also in parts of Iran, Turkmenistan, Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria and Ethiopia do not belong to the 24 known genotypes of measles virus and are not from the current 4 genotypes that are currently circulating around the world since 2017 ie B3, D4, D8 and H1.

The deadly outbreaks started around May 2022 although Afghanistan and parts of the African continent had measles outbreaks as early as November 2021, they were not as deadly as the current outbreak.
As the outbreaks had initially only occurred in third world countries without the necessary resources for genomic surveillance, nothing was done till a week ago when an international team started to get involved and studies are still underway with an expected official announcement and publication sometime in a week.
To date, more than 157 children have died from the disease in Zimbabwe since the measles outbreak was identified in early August 2022 and in Afghanistan it was reported than more than 83 children have died from measles this year although foreign volunteer medical groups are claiming that at least more than 1,250 children had died from measles in Afghanistan since June 2022! In Somalia Ethiopia, Nigeria and Yemen, it is believed that at least more than 3,800 children have died from the new deadly measles strain since the early 2022.
Strangely the WHO has not declared the measles outbreak as a global health emergency despite the fact that the disease has now started to appear in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq and Syria. The WHO seems to be more occupied in the ‘arses’ of irresponsible gay men in Europe and the United States who are continuing to indulge in group and communal public sex that is resulting in the Monkeypox spread! Considering that a large number of children have already died this year due to measles, even the Western mainstream media have not covered on this but are rather more preoccupied with monkeypox!
In Zimbabwe, besides the deaths of 157 children, as of the 15th of August 2022…more than 2056 cases have been identified with more than 463 in critical conditions. Death rates are doubling less than a week and infection rates are increasing on a daily basis since the outbreak was identified about 2 weeks ago.
Zimbabwe’s Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa told media yesterday that the government has invoked special legislation allowing it to draw money from the national disaster fund "to deal with the emergency."
In Afghanistan, parts of Iran, Somalia and Yemen, the situation is so bad that many children are simply dying on a daily basis from measles and literally nothing is being done by the health authorities there to address the issue.
This new measles virus attacks mainly children with the most serious complications including blindness, brain swelling, diarrhea and severe respiratory infections. Its symptoms are a red rash that appears first on the face and spreads to the rest of the body.
However, the current outbreak although affect ing mostly children, has also affected a sizeable number of adults. And in both groups.
What is worrying physicians however is that many infected with the new measles strain are displaying severe neurological conditions similar to subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) which is actually a progressive, disabling, and deadly brain disorder related to measles (rubeola) infection that typically develops 7 to 10 years after a person has measles, even though the person seems to have fully recovered from the illness. It is as if the pathogenesis of the new virus has been put into an ‘accelerated overdrive’!

Typically, the measles virus does not cause brain damage. However, an abnormal immune response to measles or, possibly, certain mutant forms of the virus may cause severe illness and death. This response leads to brain inflammation (swelling and irritation) that may last for years. Males are more often affected than females.
It is predicted that in a few weeks' time, due to lax travel restrictions globally, we should witness the spread of this new measles virus genotype around the world and only when sufficient cases have emerged in Europe, the United States, Canada or Australia, then only will more health authorities and Western researchers and medical experts pay more attention to the new measles virus.
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