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Source: Medical Cannabis - Arrhythmias  Aug 23, 2022  1 year, 1 month, 1 week, 3 days, 14 hours, 40 minutes ago

BREAKING! Danish Study Finds That Usage Of Medical Cannabis For Pain Relief Also Induces Increased Risk Of Arrhythmias!

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BREAKING! Danish Study Finds That Usage Of Medical Cannabis For Pain Relief Also Induces Increased Risk Of Arrhythmias!
Source: Medical Cannabis - Arrhythmias  Aug 23, 2022  1 year, 1 month, 1 week, 3 days, 14 hours, 40 minutes ago
Findings of a new study that will be presented at the coming European Society of Cardiology Congress 2022 (ESC 2022) alarmingly shows that usage of medical cannabis to treat pain relief especially for those with chronic pain issues is also associated with increased risk of heart rhythm disorders especially arrhythmias that can also result in heart failures!

Dr Nina Nouhravesh of Gentofte University Hospital-Denmark who is also the lead study author told Thailand Medical News, "Globally, chronic pain is a rising medical issues as a result of various emerging health problems. In Denmark alone, health authorities have reported that 29% of Danish adults over 16 years of age suffered from chronic pain in 2017, up from 19% in 2000. Medical cannabis was approved in January 2018 on a trial basis in Denmark, meaning that physicians can prescribe it for chronic pain if all other measures, including opioids, have proven insufficient. Unfortunately, safety data are sparse, hence this research investigated the cardiovascular side effects of medical cannabis, and arrhythmias in particular, since heart rhythm disorders have previously been found in users of recreational cannabis."
At present, medical cannabis comes in various formulations depending on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) levels. Dronabinol (high THC), cannabinoid (more THC than CBD), and cannabidiol (high CBD) can be prescribed in Denmark. The drug can be inhaled, eaten, or sprayed in the mouth.
The study team identified a total of 1.6 million patients diagnosed with chronic pain in Denmark between 2018 and 2021. Of those, 4,931 patients (0.31%) claimed at least one prescription of cannabis (dronabinol 29%, cannabinoids 46%, cannabidiol 25%). Each user was matched by age, sex and pain diagnosis to five non-users with chronic pain who acted as controls. Users and controls were followed for 180 days and their risks of new cardiovascular conditions were compared.
In the study, the median age of participants was 60 years and 63% were women. The study reports, for the first time, the chronic pain conditions of medical cannabis users in Denmark. Some 17.8% had cancer, 17.1% arthritis, 14.9% back pain, 9.8% neurological diseases, 4.4% headaches, 3.0% complicated fractures, and 33.1% other diagnoses (mostly unspecified chronic pain).
The study findings showed that the the absolute risk of new-onset arrhythmia was 0.86% in medical cannabis users compared with 0.49% in non-users, for a relative risk of 1.74.
The findings however showed that the risks of new-onset acute coronary syndrome and heart failure did not differ between the two groups. The results were similar for each chronic pain condition and each type of medical cannabis.
Dr Nouhravesh commented, “Our research findings showed that medical cannabis users had a 74% higher risk of heart rhythm disorders compared with non-users; however, the absolute risk difference was modest. It should be noted that a higher proportion of those in the cannabis group were taking other pain medications, namely non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), opioids and anti-epileptics, and we cannot rule out that this might explain the greater like lihood of arrhythmias."
Dr Nouhravesh concluded: "Since medical cannabis is a relatively new drug for a large market of patients with chronic pain, it is important to investigate and report serious side effects. This study indicates that there may be a previously unreported risk of arrhythmias following medical cannabis use. Even though the absolute risk difference is small, both patients and physicians should have as much information as possible when weighing up the pros and cons of any treatment."

Recently medical cannabis has also been hastingly approved in Thailand due to political reasons without even any thoughts, planning and relevant training going into its use and unfortunately many local physicians have not been properly trained about the product and its properties and ways to use it and also its side effects and also about its  many adverse reactions. Certain greedy, unscrupulous businessmen and scammers with close links with local politicians have opened clinics in various parts of Bangkok and employ untrained doctors who are only interested in money on a part time basis to dispense these medical cannabis formulations hence we are hearing of many case reports of patients being prescribed medical cannabis for literally everything from diabetes, cancer, sleeping problems, arthritis, asthma  etc with many ending up in a worst state after a month or two!
Even more hilarious, we have lots of local garbage mainstream media in Thailand and even foreign media listening to non-medically trained politicians and certain businessmen who have an infamous past and publishing dubious claims about the so called benefits of taking cannabis!
Anyone planning to go on medical cannabis should do a through study of it and do proper due diligence especially in terms of the specific ailment that they are trying to treat before going to see a local Thai doctor as most are basically clueless. Also, note that Medical Cannabis has a reputation of simply “masking’ symptoms….it does not really cure the disease and can actually bring about more serious long-term health issues!
Many countries in the EU are now waking up to the detrimental effects of cannabis and there is a strong movement to totally ban cannabis products there. The only country that is still promoting cannabis use is the no-longer credible United States. The country that promotes untested therapeutics and whose regulatory agencies like the U.S. FDA and even its CDC is under the 'control' of private pharmaceutical consortiums and tech billionaires with a vested interest in eugenics!

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