Source: SARS-CoV-2-Variants  Apr 27, 2021  1 year ago
BEWARE! Countries Like Israel, Britain and America Should Not Assume That The Worst Of The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Over, The Worst Is Yet To Come!
BEWARE! Countries Like Israel, Britain and America Should Not Assume That The Worst Of The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Over, The Worst Is Yet To Come!
Source: SARS-CoV-2-Variants  Apr 27, 2021  1 year ago
While countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines, Brazil, Thailand, Japan, Oman, Poland etc are seeing a new surge of COVID-19 cases, countries like UK, America, Israel and a few other European nations are under the illusion that the worse is over in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially counting on their massive vaccination programmes.

The real bad news is that come around the end of August to September this year, the whole world will be in total turmoil and the COVID-19 pandemic will reach a new catastrophic level never witnessed so far.  I am merely basing my predictions on a simple in-house modeling and study of the evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the emergence of second and third generations of the  SARS-CoV-2 variants and also the emergence of reassortant strains.
If people are under the illusion that the current vaccines are going to help them, even with the claims that it reduces disease severity, wait till the advent of these second and third generation variants and reassortant strains. Due to massive dollars spend in PR campaigns about the vaccines especially using Israel as an example (These PR campaigns were backed by U.S. interest and U.S. brand vaccine Pfizer with the American government backing Netanyahu for his coming reelections!), people are assuming that the vaccines are doing a great job. In reality, there are far more disturbing data that is emerging about the vaccinations campaigns included death rates, adverse reactions etc. (Simply Google to find them including official sites by the government agencies reporting on these occurrences).
What is more disturbing are emerging studies such as one conducted in Israel itself showing that those vaccinated are now more susceptible to some of the current variants than those not vaccinated!
But what is most important is that no one is really focusing on the emergence of second and third generation variants and also reassortant variants.
The second and third generation variants are those like in the case of the B.1.1.7 variant, where these strains are continuing to evolve and we are discovering new mutations on them. We already have sub-sets of the B.1.1.7 with the E484K mutation on it and also others with more mutations and deletions appearing on them.

Not only are these variants demonstrating more transmissibility, infectivity and escape from neutralizing antibodies but they are also showing signs of causing more health issues and disease severity.
Some of these second generation variants have not become prevailing yet but it is only a matter of time. Many researchers are not focusing on them as once detected as originating from the B.1.1.7 lineage, not much is being done to focus on the newer mutations appearing on them!
There is a strong assumption by me and more urgent detailed research will prove this hypothesis that in Thailand, we now have at least more than 3 different second generation B.1.1.7 variants emerging and fast spreading around and each manifesting different symptoms and disease sever ity in those infected.
The same goes for all the various variants found elsewhere in the world. These very variants are further evolving and some are heading for evolutionary patterns that could change the whole narratives of these current COVID-19 pandemic into something even more catastrophic.
If one was to carefully study the various open source genomic databases, we already have the emergence of even the third generation variants; some are short-lived as they are not that strong and potent yet but nevertheless are still evolving to find a better way to survive longer and spread faster.
To make things worse, we most probably already have the emergence of reassortant strains with other virus types especially as a result of ‘back zoonotic transmissions’ ie from humans to animals and back to humans again.
The mink cases are a good example. (A lot of data on this is being suppressed by the WHO and the U.S.CDC and EMA!) However these reassortant strains might not yet be strongly adapted for longer survival or transmissibility but it is just a matter of time. We could also be having reassortant strains emerging as a result of humans with other virus infections contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus also. Despite skepticisms of these claims, Chinese researchers are indicating that a few such variants have already emerged but are not yet properly evolved and are not strong enough yet for longer survival and transmissibility but all its takess is just one right mutation or deletion taking place for it to get the right fit.
I strongly believe that these second and third generation variants and reassortant strains would be fully adapted and start  becoming dominant in circulating prevalence by August this year based on simple projections.
The ‘half baked’ vaccination programmes and the introduction of new polyclonal therapeutics would help accelerate this projection, bringing it much nearer.
If health researchers do not focus back on drugs and antivirals instead of vaccines and antibodies, the coming “Death Waves” starting in August or September is going to be catastrophic for the world. There are already certain individuals in NATO already believing in these predictions and making necessary contingencies including stockpiling of necessary drugs, equipments etc.

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