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  Oct 12, 2018

Skin Cancer Management

Skin cancer treatment depends on the type and stage of the disease. It also depends on the size and location of the tumor and the medical condition and personal choice of the patient.

The aim of treatment is to remove the cancer completely. If detected early, skin cancers can be cured completely. In some cases the skin cancer can be removed completely during the biopsy. In such cases, no more treatment is needed.

Treatment options

Treatment options for skin cancers include surgery, chemotherapy, photodynamic therapy, radiation therapy and biological therapy.

Team of specialists

A team of specialists help plan and execute treatment of skin cancers. This includes:-

  • dermatologists (skin specialists)
  • oncologist (cancer specialist)
  • radiation oncologist
  • pathologist
  • reconstructive or plastic surgeon
  • surgeon
  • oncology nurse
  • social worker
  • nutrition adviser
  • psychologist


The surgeon removes the cancerous growth and includes some normal tissue surrounding it. This reduces the chance that cancer cells will be left behind after surgery. The surgical method depends on the type of cancer,