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  Oct 11, 2018

Sexually Transmitted Diseases - STD

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections that can be transmitted through sexual contact with an infected individual. These are also termed sexually transmitted infections or STIs. STDs can be transmitted during vaginal or other types of sexual intercourse including oral and anal sex.


The causative organisms behind STDs include:

  • Viruses such as HIV virus, hepatitis B, herpes complex and human papilloma virus (HPV)
  • Bacteria such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia and syphilis

Who is at risk?

Anybody who has engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse or contact is at risk of transmitting an STD. However, the risk is higher in certain groups which include:

  • Those with multiple sex partners
  • Those with partners who have had multiple sex partners
  • Those who do not use condoms during sexual activities
  • Those who have sexual partners who do not use condoms during sexual activities
  • Commercial sex workers
  • Drug abusers who tend to practice high-risk sexual behavior

Symptoms of STDs

The symptoms of STDs vary with the type of infection but they