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  Oct 10, 2018

Scoliosis Symptoms

Scoliosis is characterized by a curved spine in the shape of an “s” or a “c”, which can affect the posture and movements of people affected by the condition.

Most patients do not experience significant back pain upon initial presentation but instead notice visual signs of asymmetry in their body that relate to the curvature of their spine. However, back pain or discomfort is more common among patients in adulthood with chronic scoliosis.

In addition to the visual signs, there are several tests that can be used to identify abnormalities of movement and position of the body that is common in patients with scoliosis.

Visual Signs in Young Children

The most common sign indicative of the condition that is reported by patients is asymmetry of the body, which results due to the curvature of the spine. This may include:

  • Uneven shoulders
  • Off-center head over pelvis
  • Asymmetrical ribs and ribcage
  • One more prominent shoulder blade
  • Asymmetrical hips
  • Leaning to one side
  • Legs with different lengths

As a result of this subtle asymmetry, patients with scoliosis may find it difficult to fit into clothing as usual and that their body doesn&rsqu