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  Oct 10, 2018

SCHIP Administration

The State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) is a program designed to improve the availability and accessibility of health coverage to low-income children and pregnant women in families that have annual income above Medicaid eligibility levels but have no health insurance.

Under the current SCHIP program, the federal government sets basic requirements for SCHIP in place, but ultimately each state has the flexibility to design its own version of SCHIP within the federal government’s pre-decided framework. It is therefore not surprising that there is significant inter-state variation across for example; some states may extend SCHIP coverage of prenatal care to pregnant women when certain conditions are met.

To set up a SCHIP program, each State must first submit a Title XXI plan for approval by the Secretary that details how the State intends to allocate its received funds to fulfill requirements. After each state designs its SCHIP program and health plans they then enroll eligible individuals into their programs and become responsible for assuring SCHIP benefits are delivered to these beneficiaries.

The state SCHIP program can be designed in one of three ways.

Separate SCHIP

Under this program, a sta