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  Oct 17, 2018

Relapsed/Refractory Follicular Lymphoma Prognosis and Epidemiology

The prognosis and epidemiology of relapsed and refractory follicular lymphoma have not been well documented, as most reports focus on follicular lymphoma as a whole. As such, this article includes some references relating to follicular lymphoma, with some details about relapsed and refractory forms of the disease.

Prognostic Factors

For patients with follicular lymphoma, the overall 5-year survival rate is approximately 72-77% and the median survival rate is just under ten years. However, the current prognosis rates are expected to be higher than that indicated in previous research, due to the introduction of new, targeted therapies such as rituximab.

Patients with relapsed or refractory follicular lymphoma have a poorer prognosis than those with follicular lymphoma who successfully reach remission for a prolonged period. The use of targeted treatments such as rituximab has improved rates of remission.

Factor that may influence the prognosis for the patient include age, severity of the lymphoma, hemogl