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  Oct 15, 2018

IVF: Chances of Success

In vitro fertilization (IVF) came to the forefront of public attention following its first success in 1978. Since then it has evolved in many ways to become a procedure which is more efficient and safe. At present, more than 2 million babies have been born with the use of IVF.

However, pregnancy and live birth rates following IVF vary between centers, regions of the world, and individual women.

Terms to be defined

  • Fertilization rate: this denotes the percentage of oocytes that undergo fertilization after being mixed or injected with sperm
  • Pregnancy rate: the achievement of pregnancy after embryo transfer took place
  • Live birth rate: at least one live birth following an IVF cycle
  • Singleton live birth: the birth of a single baby at or after 37 weeks gestation