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  Oct 17, 2018

Flossgate & the Importance of Preventative Oral Hygiene

Even if you didn’t read the Associated Press report on the “weak evidence” supporting flossing last month, you likely saw parts of the media storm that followed it and continue to roll in. A myriad of articles from journalists either backing up or shutting down the claim that there is no benefit to flossing. Tweets and Facebook posts from patients who were either grateful to never have to pick up a string of floss again, or defending their nightly regimen and pointing out their gum health.

The responses I’ve read from professional organizations, groups, and noted experts have only included statements and guidelines. After 12 years of educating chairside as a dentist, I know that for a patient to be on your team, you can’t simply make statements, dictate guidelines and expect progress. People need to be educated interactively so they can understand treatment options, consequences and outcomes. It allows the patient t