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  Oct 11, 2018

Diagnosis of sinusitis

Sinusitis is caused by infection and inflammation of the inner linings of the sinuses. Diagnosis is commonly made by the physician on the basis of clinical symptoms of the condition.

In most cases there is a predisposing viral infection that leads to nasal blockage or runny nose along with pain over the face (over the cheek bones, behind the yes and over the forehead) and there may be a reduction in sensation of taste and smell.

Some people may develop other symptoms like discharge of yellowish green pus from the nostrils, fever, headache etc. 1-6

Who diagnoses sinusitis?

Referral to an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist or an Otolaryngorhinologist is usually made if the symptoms persist are severe or if they keep coming back.

Diagnosis of sinusitis

Diagnosis then involves a series of blood and imaging tests. These include:

  • Routine blood tests. These help in detection of an infection. This infection may lead to increase in the white blood cell counts. Allergies or hay fever giving rise to sinusitis may cause rise in specific type of white blood cells called the Eosinophil.

  • The ENT specialist uses a special light to examine the inside of the nose. This helps