Nov 27, 2018
SUITESTENSA CVIS PACS Software from Esaote
SUITESTENSA CVIS PACS Software from Esaote
  Nov 27, 2018

The New Cardiology Comprehensive Approach

SUITESTENSA is the CVIS PACS imaging & information management software platform developed by EBIT, the Esaote’s Company dedicated to healthcare IT diagnostic processes.

By encompassing all cardiology specialties into one single platform, SUITESTENSA allows for achieving a better workflow from patient admission to exam execution, reporting, administration and distribution.

SUITESTENSA cardiology folder contains all exams performed in the cardiology department: cath-lab, echo, ECG, EP, and can be connected to other diagnostic examinations to get the entire clinical history of a patient simply as just one click.

  • Tight integration with HISs (ADT, EPR, Lab, Repositories, etc.)
  • Emergency management
  • Possibility of integration with central hospital warehouse and real-time stock and inventory Lab management (immediate cost per procedure, order filler and order management)
  • Multi-parametric data extraction, analysis and statistics
  • Customizable Case Report Forms (CRFs) for clinical trials: cases can be indexed, anonymized and exported into logical archives
  • 2D, 3D & 4D advanced clinical packages for image processing and reconstruction

Compliant with the Most Relevant Regulations, Directives & Standards

  • Data security, data integrity and disaster recovery
  • Full traceability of involved personnel and implanted devices per procedure
  • Compliance with datasets rules of national and international reference associations: ESC, ASE, ANMCO, GISE, SIEC, AIAC
  • Compliant with cath-lab quality standards validation (Italian initiative GISENetwork: Outcome Survey of Coronary Angioplasty)
  • Compliant with SIEC & ASE recommendations for standardized adult trans-thoracic report
  • Possibility of mapping data into other national registries

Structured Report

Shape The Future Of Cardiology Reporting: SUITESTENSA has innovated the way Cardiologists produce and distribute reports.


SUITESTENSA RIS CVIS PACS, manufactured by Esaote, complies with the Medical Device Directive (MDD) 93\42\EEC as amended by the 2007/47/EC.

In accordance with this directive, SUITESTENSA RIS CVIS PACS is classified as Class IIa devices.

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