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  Nov 27, 2018
RAPIDComm® Data Management System
RAPIDComm® Data Management System
  Nov 27, 2018

Establish and maintain a healthy point-of-care (POC) ecosystem.

It’s about delivering optimal patient care—wherever diagnostic testing is performed—to help maximize efficiency, improve clinical workflows, satisfy compliance requirements, and reduce costs.

At Siemens, our goal is to help you establish and maintain a healthy POC Ecosystem™ environment—not simply through products, but by implementing integrated solutions. With our RAPIDComm® Data Management System, you can:

  • Manage secure access to your POC devices while ensuring they are online, operational, and properly maintained with immediate oversight and control.
  • Oversee and manage quality control (QC) testing, result review, data management, and reporting activities for your POC devices.
  • Leverage its functionality in tandem with the Siemens web-based learning management system to efficiently manage staff training, assessment, and recertification.
  • Satisfy compliance and accreditation requirements for your POC testing program with advanced data management capabilities.
  • Manage your POC consumables more efficiently with material usage, device-workload reports, and real-time information on consumable levels for your POC instruments.
  • Quickly identify and resolve issues for connected devices, operators, samples, and compliance-related activities from here, there or anywhere.
For more detail: https://www.news-medical.net/ads/abmc.aspx?b=2561
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