Nov 27, 2018
POCcelerator™ Data Management System
POCcelerator™ Data Management System
  Nov 27, 2018


Imagine if point-of-care connectivity was easy!

All patient results, quality controls, operators, reagents, and device data would be presented to you in a clear and structured format in order to comply with regulatory guidelines. With POCcelerator™ Software, you can easily manage your daily point-of-care challenges according to your specific requirements.

Since 2003, POCcelerator has been organizing the daily POCT operations of hospitals throughout Europe.

  • Vendor-neutral connectivity
  • More than 160 device interfaces
  • Flexible implementation options

Features & Benefits

How can POCcelerator Software help me deliver?


System software provides quality control and patient result data in a table or graphical overview. The proactive error log and traffic-light system indicate potential problems that can be acknowledged with a single click.


E-learning helps you maintain high standards of quality. Device operators sign in to the web portal to complete manufacturer-approved e-learning courses, including a final test of knowledge gained.


POCcelerator allows you to proactively manage organization-wide EQA results according to accreditation requirements. Distributions and statistics are easily viewed and filtered with the familiar proactive traffic-light display that flags noncompliances.

Clinical Use

How does POCcelerator Software help my department?

  • Laboratory: Quality assurance, user management, and a large selection of devices
  • Medical Device Department: Monitoring, support, and control of devices
  • IT Department: Stable and secure IT infrastructure
  • Procurement: Cost-effectiveness and savings with a single middleware solution
  • Nursing Department: Organizational management of point-of-care devices
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