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  Nov 13, 2018
Delta 20 Plus Dermatoscope from Heine
Delta 20 Plus Dermatoscope from Heine
  Nov 13, 2018

The Delta 20 Plus dermatoscope is used for dermatoscopic examination for early diagnosis of malignant melanoma. Also for the examination of non-melanocytic lesions, basal cell carcinoma and dermatofibroma. The skin surface refracts the light and partially reflects it. That’s why either an immersion liquid between the dermatoscope and the skin (for example dermatoscopy oil) or polarised light is needed to observe pigment cells or other structures in the deeper skin layers.


  • Immersion and polarisation. With different contact plates (contact plate N for immersion and contact plate P for polarisation) the examination can be matched with the respective lesion, because some characteristics are more visible when a liquid is used, others under polarised light.
  • 4 high performance LEDs produce an absolutely homogenous and bright illumination with excellent colour rendering (Colour rendering index CRI > 87).
  • High-resolution optics with achromatic lens system. 10 x to 16 x magnification, distorsion-free edge-to-edge, very large, highly detailed image.
  • Adjustable Eyepiece. Individual focusing, range of correction - 6 to + 6 dpt.
  • Detailed compendium with photographic atlas included. Simplifies the differential diagnosis of pigmented lesions.
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