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  Nov 27, 2018
AQURE Xpress POC Data Management System from Radiometer
AQURE Xpress POC Data Management System from Radiometer
  Nov 27, 2018

POC data management for your Radiometer devices

Enhance your Radiometer solution with the AQURE Xpress system, which makes Radiometer device, operator, and compliance management easy and affordable.

A smart system, AQURE Xpress does the monitoring for you. If there’s an issue, you will be notified. Based on Microsoft standards, AQURE Xpress ensures seamless integration with your hospital IT platform.

Why AQURE Xpress?

  • Radiometer POC device connectivity (for up to seven Radiometer analyzers)
  • Integration with hospital and laboratory IT systems based on standard protocols
  • Device, operator and compliance management
  • Exception-based sample processing
  • 24/7 monitoring of all devices by push notification

Simplify compliance with paperless documentation

Be inspection-ready at a moment’s notice. The AQURE Xpress POC data management system offers easy online access to reports listing issues and corrective actions.

Simple and paperless.

The system also provides a fully documented history of the root causes of any issues plus any corrective actions taken. Your troubleshooting is always ready for regulatory scrutiny.

When should you consider AQURE Xpress for your POC data management needs?

  • If you have less than seven Radiometer analyzers and do not have a data management system
  • If you are the end of your contract with your current system
  • If you wish to check out AQURE and compare to your current data management system
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