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  Nov 27, 2018
AQURE TC ResQ Software
AQURE TC ResQ Software
  Nov 27, 2018

Once upon a time, data retrieval meant removing transcutaneous monitors from patients. The monitors had to be carried over and connected to a PC. What a waste of time – and the continual lifting and moving of monitors increased the risk of equipment being damaged.

Radiometer's cutting-edge software solution AQURE TC ResQ means those days are over. With the AQURE TC ResQ software, data can be simply accessed and transferred with a USB stick. Easier data transfer helps you improve data management by quickly moving and storing the latest patient information.

The AQURE TC ResQ software streamlines the process of tracking ventilation and oxygenation changes with Radiometer’s TCM monitors.

Comprehensive overview at your fingertips – with no spread sheets

Radiometer's AQURE TC ResQ software streamlines processes and enhances workflow efficiencies in multiple clinical settings such as respiratory care and sleep studies.

The AQURE TC ResQ software makes it simple to generate, print and e-mail detailed reports to colleagues with a few mouse clicks.

The clear-cut user interface with simple menus and process steps mirrors Microsoft Office™ and requires minimal training for the users.

For more detail: https://www.news-medical.net/ads/abmc.aspx?b=976

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