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Source: U.S. COVID-19 News  Jul 16, 2020  3 years, 7 months, 5 days, 16 hours, 50 minutes ago

U.S. COVID-19 News: Bleak Future For Americans As White House Now Controls Reporting Of All New Infections And Deaths And Elites Are Scamming The Country

U.S. COVID-19 News: Bleak Future For Americans As White House Now Controls Reporting Of All New Infections And Deaths And Elites Are Scamming The Country
Source: U.S. COVID-19 News  Jul 16, 2020  3 years, 7 months, 5 days, 16 hours, 50 minutes ago
U.S. COVID-19 News:  The total number of official COVID-19 Infections in America is now 3.51 million and the total number of Americans who have died from the COVID-19 is 139,012 (almost coming to 140,000). It is reported that almost 1.64 million of those infected have ‘recovered’ while about 27,213 are in critical conditions throughout the country.

The US CDC had earlier said that the real number of infected in the country could be as high as ten time the current levels.
Experts are also reporting that death figures could be much higher but are being reported in such a way to conceal the real numbers for instance the number of deaths due to heart failures and strokes have increased tremendously and most are actually COVID-19 related yet they are not classified as COVID-19 deaths.

Soon, Americans will no longer be able to get the real data about the number of COVID-19 infected and COVID-19 deaths as President Trump signed a new order in which all hospitals and states will no longer report these figures and other critical data to the US CDC or media but rather to a private company that is controlled by the White House and only the White House will in turn disseminate this data. Other data that will also be controlled includes the numbers of daily COVID-19 tests, the availability of ventilators and hospital beds etc.

America under the Trump administration will be soon following China’s and North Korea’s tactics in which data will be concealed and the public will be kept in the dark.

As Trump campaigns comes closer to election dates, he needs to suppress the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic in America and let his ignorant followers and Republicans think that he is doing a great job while they and their families die slowly.

Some outside experts expressed suspicion and concern about the decision to drop CDC from the data -collection mix.

Gregory Koblentz, a biodefense expert at George Mason University, said the change appears to be consistent with administration moves in recent months that have sidelined the CDC from the role it has played in other epidemics, as the public's primary source of information.

"We know the administration has been trying to silence the CDC," he said. "Now it looks like the administration might be trying to blind the CDC as well."

Former CDC director, Dr. Tom Frieden, expressed dismay at the decision.

"Rather than strengthening the CDC public health data system to improve hospital reporting, the administration has handed data to an unproven, commercial entity," said Dr Frieden, who was the agency's director during the Obama administration.

The Trump administration awarded a US$10.2 million contract to a TeleTracking Technologies, based in Pittsburgh. At the time, the company was hired to gather data on things that were already being reported to the CDC, such as available hospital beds.

TeleTracking has won 29 contracts for federal government work stretching back to 2004. None of its previous contracts paid more than $300,000. The prior contracts were for computer systems and programming at Veteran Affairs hospitals.

The company has also gotten approval to tap a government loans program designed to help small bu siness keep employees on their payroll during the pandemic. The forgivable loan was from the Payroll Protection Program for between $5 million and $10 million. TeleTracking indicated it planned to use the loan to help save the jobs of some of its 376 workers.
TeleTracking did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The CEO of Teletracking, Michael Zamagias, also runs a real estate investment firm with several properties in Pittsburgh is rumoured to know Trump personally. One of his companies, Michael G. Zamagias Interests LTD, was approved for a Payroll Protection Program loan for between $150,000 and $350,000.
It’s not just the suppression of data but even bigger scams are going on in America with the elites and those close or related to Trump now making millions (through kickbacks , commissions etc) by using tax payers monies to buy highly inflated drugs and with not much efficacy while the American citizens will be charged for it. Medical researchers, medical intuitions and medical universities, certain doctors and medical journals, even American media have all been roped in with financial incentives in this major scams involving both drugs and vaccines. Billions are being thrown into vaccines research, development and orders, all with tax payers monies despite the emerging fact that all these vaccines will maybe only offer protection that can last for  maybe two to three months the maximum in an optimistic scenario and provided there are no negative or adverse effects such as Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE).
Americans are being prevented about what better alternatives are out there for them or about the cheaper drug alternatives that other countries are using.
Initially they had to take overpriced but lethal  hydroxychloroquine and then Remdesivir at more than US$3,120  while the same generic versions in India now cost only about US$28$3120-for-gilead%E2%80%99s-remdesivir,-price-war-in-india-has-led-prices-dropping-to-below-us$50
Americans will soon have to also take the expensive tocilizumab of which the total cost could be in the range of US$5300 to US$12,000 despite the cheaper dexamethasone being available at less than US$ 2 per dose.
Americans are also being prevented critical data about the latest in research including about the severity of the disease especially with regards to long term health implications for those recovered or those that are asymptomatic.
Numerous data is being controlled now with evidence that various government agencies are now tampering with research findings or even forcing medical institutions against publishing such data. There is emerging evidence on how drug trial data on Ivermectin was deliberately put in the back burner and the same goes for autopsy and pathology reports that were taken offline which mentioned about individuals who died from a Washington Nursing Home as a result of COVID-19 where 7 death bodies showed signs of ‘accelerated cancer deaths’ due to a particular strain of the SARS-CoV-2.(this was not fake news are the pathological team were highly respected professionals from credible institutions. They too have been silenced with court gags).
Come the next few months and the situation is something that the world has never seen before while America will be no better than a third world country if not worse.
The COVID-19 pandemic is not what most people think that they know what it is. It is far more complicated and those who know are simply hiding the details or like us are not allowed to talk about it in detail for fear of reprisals. The pandemic is not going away anytime soon and from the initial projections that it might be around for 18 months or so till an effective vaccine comes along to the latest projection that has now stretched to a new scenario that many agencies are not making public, that is it… will most probably be wreaking havoc for the next 5 to 6 years with increasing intensity till proper drugs are found to be able to simply rein it in (not cure it just yet.). Also a proper approach will have to ultimately be personalized medicine as every individual case will be different from the next in many ways.
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