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Source: Eko Inc, Berkeley  Apr 02, 2019  4 years ago
Eko DUO Stethoscope with ECG Built-in.
Eko DUO Stethoscope with ECG Built-in.
Source: Eko Inc, Berkeley  Apr 02, 2019  4 years ago
Eko, a company that makes advanced and innovative stethoscopes that we really like, is now releasing its Eko DUO combination stethoscope/ECG device. The Eko DUO works along with a paired smartphone or tablet, allowing a physician to simultaneously record heart sounds and ECG (single lead) tracings at the point of care. The DUO makes it easy to capture ECG intervals and systolic time intervals that can help to diagnose heart failure and detect atrial fibrillation.
eko duo

All the data the device captures can be shared with other physicians, if a second opinion is necessary. The same can be automatically uploaded to a patient’s electronic medical record, all thanks to HIPAA-compliant encryption. Physicians can actually prescribe the Eko DUO to their patients, allowing for anytime/anywhere gathering of basic heart data, which can help with tuning of drugs and treatments.
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The Eko DUO comes with an earpiece that resembles traditional ones, but which doesn’t put as much pressure on the ear while blocking out the surrounding noise. Since the system is digital, the device is able to deliver the necessary bass and higher frequencies even in loud environments. If you prefer your own headphones, you can plug them into the DUO’s standard 3.5mm.

For more product info: https://ekohealth.com/shop/duo/



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