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Source: Covid-19 News  Mar 23, 2020  3 years, 8 months, 1 week, 5 days, 2 hours, 54 minutes ago

Breaking! Medical Experts Say That Anosmia Which Is The Loss Of Smell And Ageusia Which Is Loss Of Taste, Could Be Signs Of Covid-19 Infection.

Breaking! Medical Experts Say That Anosmia Which Is The Loss Of Smell And Ageusia Which Is Loss Of Taste, Could Be Signs Of Covid-19 Infection.
Source: Covid-19 News  Mar 23, 2020  3 years, 8 months, 1 week, 5 days, 2 hours, 54 minutes ago
The President of the British Rhinological Society Professor, Dr Clare Hopkins, and the President of the British Association of Otorhinolaryngology, Professor Nirmal Kumar have issued a joint statement last Saturday that Anosmia or the loss of smell could be marker to indicate individuals who might be infected with Covid-19 disease but are asymptomatic in the sense they are not exhibiting fever or coughs etc.

Anosmia, the loss of sense of smell, and dysgeusia, an accompanying diminished sense of taste, have emerged as peculiar telltale signs of Covid-19, the disease caused by the SARS-Cov019 coronavirus, and possible markers of infection.
Although there are no confirmed published medical studies on this, British ear, nose and throat doctors, citing reports from colleagues around the world, called on adults who lose their senses of smell to isolate themselves for seven days, even if they have no other symptoms, to slow the disease's spread as the  doctors were concerned enough to raise warnings.
In China, South Korea and Italy, about a third of patients who have tested positive for Covid-19 have also reported a loss of smell known as anosmia or hyposmia, leading ear, nose, and throat experts in the UK have reported.
Professor Nirmal Kumar commented in the joint statement, "In South Korea, where testing has been more widespread, 30 percent of patients testing positive have had anosmia as their major presenting symptom in otherwise mild cases.”
Professor Claire Hopkins added, "We really want to raise awareness that this is a sign of infection and that anyone who develops loss of sense of smell should self-isolate. It could contribute to slowing transmission and save lives."
On Sunday, The American Academy of Otolaryngology on posted information on its website saying that mounting anecdotal evidence indicates that lost or reduced sense of smell and loss of taste are significant symptoms associated with Covid-19, and that they have been seen in patients who ultimately tested positive with no other symptoms.

The academy warned, “These symptoms, in the absence of allergies or sinusitis, should alert doctors to screen patients for the virus and warrant serious consideration for self isolation and testing of these individuals.”
Professor Kumar told Thailand Medical News that younger patients in particular may demonstrate only a loss of smell or taste, without demonstrating the more commonly recognised coronavirus symptoms of high fever and persistent coughs.
He said, "In young patients, they do not have any significant symptoms such as the cough and fever, but they may have just the loss of sense of smell and taste, which suggests that these viruses are lodging in the nose."

The professors called for anyone presenting the symptoms of loss of taste or smell to self-isolate for seven days to prevent the further spread of the disease.
Several American patients who have had symptoms consistent with the coronavirus, but who have not been tested or are still awaiting test results, described losing their senses of smell and taste, even though their noses were clear and they were not congested.
Jakappong Watcharachaijunta, co-founder at  Thailand Medical News who has been tracking research studies since the outbreak says that the occurrence of anosmia and also dysgeusia could be attributed to the fact that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is able to also attack the nervous system which Thailand Medical News had warned experts since early March,-causing-neurological-conditions-and-even-viral-encephalitis
However he warned that this might not be a full proof method of identifying asymptomatic Covid-19 infected individuals as he and his other co-founder at Thailand Medical News have been warning medical researchers and the community that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is aggressively mutating and that so many new evolutionary branches have emerged, each with different modes of binding or ‘attacking human cells and also with different clinical manifestations. For instance in the UK certain patient are now exhibiting red eyes and gastrointestinal problems but no fever or coughs but are testing positive for the disease.

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