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Source: COVID-19 BREAKING UPDATES  Oct 02, 2020  3 years, 6 months, 1 week, 3 days, 18 hours, 36 minutes ago

COVID-19 BREAKING UPDATES! Record 8,934 Deaths In Last 24 Hours, And 319,657 New COVID-19 Infections, The Second Wave Is Just Starting!

COVID-19 BREAKING UPDATES! Record 8,934 Deaths In Last 24 Hours, And 319,657 New COVID-19 Infections, The Second Wave Is Just Starting!
Source: COVID-19 BREAKING UPDATES  Oct 02, 2020  3 years, 6 months, 1 week, 3 days, 18 hours, 36 minutes ago
COVID-19 BREAKING UPDATES! Challenging times are back again and this time it is going to be even more worse and it would be truly interesting seeing those who were in denial or those who were saying that COVID-19 is non-existence or those who were accusing this website of fear mongering etc.

Since January till now, all our predictions, hypothesis etc have never been wrong and in fact we have been on the top and way advance then other sites despite concerted efforts by American social media and mainstream media and social engines (especially the news division staff) to try to keep us out of reach to the general public. We also had local media houses in Thailand try to sabotage our social media platforms and even tried to hack us so many times.
We anticipate that by end of 2022, the first of the 9 boxes in our homepage section reporting on total global deaths would be filled! For those social media and mainstream owners and staff and their loved ones in America and their regional offices in India and Singapore, we truly hope that all of them would eventually become figures in these lower boxes along with some of the nasty media owners in Thailand and their staff!
In the last 24 hours, a total of 8,834 global deaths were officially reported…the record daily highest since the pandemic started in December 2019. (approximately more than 6 persons dying per minute or about 1 person dying every 10 seconds!)  (Interesting questions to ask is if remdesivir and convalescent plasma therapy works why are so many still dying?? Remdesivir generics are like US$17 now in India, Brazil, Bangladesh and Russia  and are is easily available. Also interesting to know how many of these dead individuals had been vaccinated for instance there are reports that among the dead in Russia,  a few that had been vaccinated were included!) (sources of death toll  figures: Worldometer, John Hopkins) Updates: 4 hours after our article was published, death figures at worldometer and John Hokins was changed to reflect a lower figures! One was reporting 5585 but another 6714 but tallies from countries adds up to more than 9,000 creating a confusion and questioning the credibility of all these dashboards. How reliable are all these figures including those from WHO. Are we being lied to? Are the death rates actually much more?)
Infection rates are increasing all over Europe, America India and in a few weeks the rest of Asia and even Africa will start seeing new increases. (even with travel bans and border closures in place!...we have a separate expose to explain why under our soon to be launched paid premium section)
To date there are no approved drugs to treat COVID-19 except remdesivir and convalescent plasma therapy that were all only given EUA approval status by the U.S.FDA as a result of interference by the Trump administration. In the second wave, it will be very clear that none of these will be able to help including all the first generation vaccines that are under development or in phase 3 trials or in usage in Russia or China. (again we will be providing details in our premium section)
Most of the actual therapeutics that can help in the various aspects of COVID-19 and the long term effects have already been stockpiled by certain governments and already there is an acute shortage of these drugs globally and in some countries these once common cheap generic drugs are now being controlled! (we will be providing a list of these drugs in our premium section soon as well) Just to give some an example…aspirin is now in acute shortage in many countries and in a certain South-East Asian country famous for lies and concealing the actual number of asymptomatic and symptomatic cases in the country, we were told that pharmacies have been instructed to limit the sale of aspirin and to record details of buyers.(just go out and check and you will know which country is it!) Aspirin can be used to treat a variety of associated symptoms of COVID-19 and also in the long term effects of COVID-19 but it should only be in use under the directions of a licensed medical doctor as wrong usage can lead to intestinal and stomach bleeding and other serious complications that can lead to death!
Our predictions are that in the next few months we will see the V483G mutation strain of the SARS-Cov-2 replacing the D614G as the most prevalent strain along with 3 other new mutational strains.
We will also see numerous new strains emerging coupled with a new phenomenon of more individuals being affected with more than one strain at the same time with resulting worsening disease conditions.
We also expect to see more new symptoms of the disease appear coupled with more recovered patients (including those that only had mild or moderate symptoms or were asymptomatic) in the first wave developing a variety of chronic conditions or dying from heart or kidney failure or strokes. (emerging studies are already showing that we need not have to wait too long to see the ultimate long term effects of the COVID-19 disease fortunately!) It should be also interesting for governments and oppositions parties around the world to keep an eye on excess deaths figures for the next 12 months!
Immune related issues coupled with neurological issues will also continue to rise in recovered patients.
For those of you who love to accuse us of fear mongering, come back and talk to us at the end of March 2021 if you are still able to.
(PS: Every statement we just made in this article are backed by preprint or peer reviewed studies, published case reports and projections, media coverages  and epidemiological models.. we will be covering each topic in detail as usual our daily coverage the next few weeks )
Stay tuned for more COVID-19 BREAKING UPDATES! from Thailand Medical News.