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Source: Coronavirus-COVID-19  Sep 01, 2020  2 years ago
Coronavirus-COVID-19: The World Has Not Even Realized The Full Impact Of COVID-19 Yet. A Growing Crisis That Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon
Coronavirus-COVID-19: The World Has Not Even Realized The Full Impact Of COVID-19 Yet. A Growing Crisis That Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon
Source: Coronavirus-COVID-19  Sep 01, 2020  2 years ago
Coronavirus-COVID-19: Eight months down the road we have already hit 25.5 million people globally infected with COVID-19 disease according to official reports with a realistic figure being at least ten fold due to issues of insufficient testing, figures being concealed etc. Forget about the recovery, it is a very arbitrary term. Once you are infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus you might ‘recover’ as according to criteria spelled out by medical bodies but there is no such thing as real recovery as the virus might still be in your body in amounts not detectable by current RT-PCR test or the virus might be  hiding  in organs and tissues while doing its damage or the already secreted viral proteins in the human host body are already doing its work of wreaking the homeostatic functions and disrupting the cellular pathways to open doors to a range of long term health conditions not including the damage already done during the initial phase of the infection.

It is now already being speculated that individuals who had been infected with COVID-19 will ultimately have shortened life spans irrespective of their recovery status and even if they merely had mild symptoms during the infection or if they were asymptomatic, and to what degree will only be known as more studies over time emerge with regards to the various long term health complications.
The current COVID-19 death figures of almost 850,000 is nothing compared to what we are going to see in the next few years, not so much from the immediate deaths as a result of SARS-CoV-2 infections among the vulnerable groups with high risk factors but more from the numbers of slow deaths among the recovered patients from conditions such as strokes, heart and kidney issues and a host of other emerging conditions. Long term health complications arising from COVID-19 is going to cause a major stress and overburden the current medical and health infrastructure globally.
Medical textbooks and treatment protocols for all other current diseases are going to be rewritten as the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is going to have an effect or impact on all other conditions.
In terms of treating the COVID-19 disease alone will require a detailed personalized or precision medicine approach as we now know that even human host genes and proteins play a role in the COVID-19 disease along with existing medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity etc.
Among with the fact the virus is able to affect the immunity system through a multifaceted approach and the fact that the virus can affect a multitude of tissues and organs not only through the ACE2 receptors but even through a host of other receptors ie CD147 receptors, GRP78 receptors, Nicotine Acetylcholine receptors etc, no single drug or vaccine will be able to stop or treat the COVID-19 disease.
As a result of the financial scams taking place with regards to all the current vaccines developments taking place and involving billions of US dollars, the world will be given a few vaccines that will not provide effective protection or worse could even backfire and a real and proper vaccine that deals with the proper strategies to elicit the right immune response based on emerging studies and data will most probably materialize only in 3 to 4 years’ time.
To date, it is almost the same issue with drugs to treat COVID-19, none of the dru gs given EUA status by the US FDA including remdesivir can effectively treat COVID-19. The world was forced to accept a few candidates due to the big monies involved.
There are a lot of suitable therapeutic candidates to treat certain aspects and symptoms of COVID-19 but not to cure it. However many of these includes cheap generic drugs, supplements and herbs that will never see the light of day of being officially accepted as adjuvants to treat COVID-19 due to the monies and lobbying of the big pharma giants.
We have not even touched on the issues of diagnostics and virus mutations.
To date, almost all the diagnostic platforms for testing the SARS-CoV-2 are not totally accurate as they lack a certain degree of sensitivity.
To make matters worse, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is indeed evolving and mutating and certain new strains already have mutations on their genome such that some of the existing PCR test kits are unable to detect.
However, we do anticipate that the virus will evolve to become even more infectious but producing lesser severe conditions in the short term and also see a reduced short term mortality rate as a result of this. However we will witness more ‘slow deaths’ and deteriorations of the so-called’ recovered patients’.
It is the asymptomatics that will lead to the massive spread and impending medical and health disaster.
Most individuals are still in denial and even governments are still not realizing of the potential impending disastrous impact of COVID-19 as most are concerned about the economic issues.
As most health organizations, regulatory bodies, medical experts and governments are failing, common citizens will have to start taking it upon themselves from find solutions to protect themselves and even treat themselves when the time comes.
Individuals have to realize, the SARS-CoV-2 is not some common flu or even like some common viral infection, rather is a unique virus that was most probably ‘naturally manipulated’ by human intelligence to perform and evolve to its optimal goal of  ‘havoc wreaking’ capabilities in the human host.
We at Thailand Medical News, have already increased the boxes for the numbers of infections and deaths report on our homepage to 10 digits each as that is what we anticipate to see in the next two to three years of this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To date, we have never been wrong on most of the statements we have made since the start of the pandemic.
The world must also never for a moment forget to ‘thank’ China and the WHO for the predicament we are in and must never lose sight of what needs to be done to make sure that entities and individuals involved eventually pay for this created global health disaster within the frames of legal structure or through boycotts and sanctions
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