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Source: COVID-19 Scams  Nov 26, 2020  2 years ago
BREAKING! COVID-19 Scams: Revelations Of AstraZeneca Manufacturing Error Puts Vaccine Study Results Into Serious Doubts
BREAKING! COVID-19 Scams: Revelations Of AstraZeneca Manufacturing Error Puts Vaccine Study Results Into Serious Doubts
Source: COVID-19 Scams  Nov 26, 2020  2 years ago
COVID-19 Scams:  While most of the moronic and non-credible media and ignorant individuals were celebrating AstraZeneca’s so called vaccine trial results including supposedly experts with huge vested business interest in the pharma industry like Dr Anthony Fauci, it has now come to light that there was a huge error in the manufacturing process of these vaccines which even AstraZeneca and Oxford University on Wednesday acknowledged.

This serious error is now casting doubts on the whole vaccine trial and most importantly is raising questions about preliminary results of their experimental COVID-19 vaccine.
A public statement describing the error came days after the company and the university described the shots as "highly effective" and made no mention of why some study participants didn't receive as much vaccine in the first of two shots as expected.
In the study results which no one with any sense of brains actually questioned and even so called experts like Dr Anthony Fauci did not pick up, raising even questions about his own credibility, it was surprisingly found in the group of volunteers that got a lower dose of the vaccine, they seemed to be much better protected than the volunteers who got two full doses. In the low-dose group, AstraZeneca said, the vaccine appeared to be 90% effective. In the group that got two full doses, the vaccine appeared to be 62% effective.
Combined, the drugmakers said the vaccine appeared to be 70% effective. But the way in which the results were arrived at and reported by the companies has led to pointed questions from experts.
The phase 3 clinical trial partial results announced on Monday are from large ongoing studies in the U.K. and Brazil designed to determine the optimal dose of vaccine, as well as examine safety and effectiveness. Multiple combinations and doses were tried in the volunteers. They were compared to others who were given a meningitis vaccine or a saline shot.
Now experts are questioning as to whether the research team meant to give a half-dose of the vaccine which sounds totally stupid and odd.
Typically before they begin their research, scientists spell out all the steps they are taking, and how they will analyze the results. Any deviation from that protocol can put the results in question.
Shockingly in a statement on Wednesday, Oxford University said some of the vials used in the trial didn't have the right concentration of vaccine so some volunteers got a half dose. The university said that it discussed the problem with regulators, and agreed to complete the late stage trial with two groups. The manufacturing problem has been corrected, according to the statement.
Study Results Seriously In Doubts Now.
Vaccine experts say the relatively small number of individuals in the low dose group makes it difficult to know if the effectiveness seen in the group is real or a statistical quirk. Some 2,741 people received a half dose of the vaccine followed by a full dose, AstraZeneca said. A total of 8,895 people received two full doses.
Yet another important factor is that none of the people in the lo w-dose group were over 55 years old. Younger people tend to mount a stronger immune response than older people, so it could be that the youth of the participants in the low-dose group is why it looked more effective, not the size of the dose.
Also another point of confusion comes from a decision to pool results from two groups of participants who received different dosing levels to reach an average 70% effectiveness, said Professor Dr David Salisbury, and associate fellow of the global health program at the Chatham House think tank.
He said of the figure, "You've taken two studies for which different doses were used and come up with a composite that doesn't represent either of the dose. I think many people are having trouble with that.″
Does Not Make Sense As To Why Is A Smaller Dose Effective?
Most interesting is that the Oxford researchers now say they aren't certain and they are working to uncover the reason as to why a low dose was seemingly more effective when questioned by media yesterday. Such an answer only adds to the fact that there is no credibility not only in the so called released vaccine results but also the way the whole trial was carried out.
How can the general public be expected to have confidence with the COVID-19 vaccines when such blatant incompetency scams are being revealed.
Only 2 days ago we had Dr Anthony Fauci and other so called experts and medical authorities asking the public to accept the COVID-19 vaccines when they themselves could not even see these discrepancies in the results. Dr Anthony Fauci should not only be removed from office but his statements should not be trusted at all and he should in fact be investigated and charged for disseminating public advice without first checking facts as he could be putting millions of lives at risk.
Dr Sarah Gilbert, one of the Oxford scientists leading the research, said the answer is probably related to providing exactly the right amount of vaccine to trigger the best immune response.
"It's the Goldilocks amount that you want, I think, not too little and not too much. Too much could give you a poor quality response as well,'' she said. "So you want just the right amount and it's a bit hit and miss when you're trying to go quickly to get that perfect first time."
Her stupid answer however raised the eyebrows of many vaccine experts who said that this is something new that made no sense.
The details of the trial results will be published in medical journals and provided to U.K. regulators so they can decide whether to authorize distribution of the vaccine. Those reports will include a detailed breakdown that includes demographic and other information about who got sick in each group, and give a more complete picture of how effective the vaccine is.
Hilariously, Dr Moncef Slaoui, who leads the U.S. coronavirus vaccine program Operation Warp Speed, said Tuesday in a call with reporters that U.S. officials are trying to determine what immune response the vaccine produced, and may decide to modify the AstraZeneca study in the U.S. to include a half dose.
It should be noted that the Trump administration in deals that have to be investigated, paid hundreds of millions to Astrazenaca for this ‘half-baked research and also ordered stocks in advance.
It was also reported that numerous stupid and ignorant so called health experts and authorities around the world were scrambling to sign deals and contracts with Astrazaneca and Oxford University without even understanding the preliminary result reports and even raising questions, hence showing their incompetency.
Thailand Medical news would also like to highlight that the Astrazaneca vaccine is based on the AAV vector platform or adeno associated vector model and such vaccines are now questionable for long term issues. https://www.thailandmedical.news/news/breaking-covid-19-vaccine-exclusive-possible-dangers-of-using-adeno-associated-virus-aav-vectors-for-covid-19-vaccines-
The COVID-19 pandemic is exposing the kind of pharmaceutical and therapeutic scams being perpetrated by greedy and unethical companies and governments especially in the case of COVID-19 vaccines where trillions of dollars are at play and even researchers, medical journals, media and social media platforms are being bought to be part of these scams. Worse is the fact that we have millions of stupid people who believe in them and support them.
The COVID-19 crisis could be a blessing after all as hopefully more of these stupid and ignorant people will themselves fall victims to the virus and perish. The world could do well with less stupid people! We have tons of Americans and Europeans who think that their media and experts are the best and they denounce anything from the East including herbal treatments etc. It will be good to see  more them inflicted with the virus and suffer the scams perpetrated by those they believe in. For those of you who do have the brains to listen and learn from our site, we wish that you and your loved ones are protected and stay safe.
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