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Source: The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), USA  Jul 15, 2019  5 years ago
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has made a major change in the blood pressure guidance(last upated and published in 2011). The new guidelines  recommend the reduction of the threshold of hypertension treatment. This will result in another 280,000 women and 450,000 men in the US, in addition to current figures, being eligible for blood pressure treatment. Theref...
Source: AZ Urogynecology and Pelvic Health Center  Apr 17, 2019  5 years ago
Interstitial Cystitis (IC) is a medical disorder where patients experience urgent and frequent urination and bladder pain in absence of a bladder infection. IC symptoms can result in poor quality of life with depression, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, sleep dysfunction, and stress.   Typically, patients will suffer with painful urination, bladder pain, urgent or frequent urination and even af...
Source: Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.  Mar 11, 2019  5 years ago
Over the last few years, a developing field of research has emerged in breath gas analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This technique is non-invasive and has a number of possible applications, including monitoring of metabolic processes, study of pharmacokinetics, screening for disease biomarkers and drug testing. Advantages of IONICON PTR-TOFMS The detection limits and linearity rang...
Source: Albumedix Ltd  Feb 17, 2019  5 years ago
Overcoming Formulation Challenges of Biotherapeutics: The increasing study of vaccines and biotherapeutics gives promise for improvement of treatments against various diseases. While protein engineering has shown a great level of growth, several of these therapies persist in the face of ex vivo uncertainty challenges (both physical and chemical instability) which are a source of dosage form inadeq...
Author : Mitchel.L .Zoler, MDedge News  Jan 14, 2019  5 years ago
AHA 2019 CONFERENCE COVERAGE   REPORTING FROM THE AHA SCIENTIFIC SESSIONS CHICAGO – When the first results from a large trial that showed profound and unexpected benefits for preventing heart failure hospitalizations associated with use of the antihyperglycemic sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor empagliflozin came out – a little over 3 years ago – the gen...
EKF Diagnostics  Jan 01, 2019  5 years ago
Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, is a common metabolic disease that is characterized by frequent sessions of uncontrolled high blood sugar or hyperglycaemia caused by poor insulin production or increased resistance to insulin. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that 8.5% of the global population was affected by diabetes in 2014, or roughly 422 million people.1 Diabetes is ...
Source: PAREXEL  Nov 12, 2018  5 years ago
After two chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapies won FDA approval in 2017 to treat children and young adults with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and adults with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, the American Society of Clinical Oncology hailed CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy as the Advance of the Year.1 Complete remission/response rates in clinical trials for these medicines (both targeting th...
Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific  Nov 11, 2018  5 years ago
Biologics have experienced steady double-digit growth over the last 15 years and now comprise slightly more than a quarter of all New Molecular Entity (NME) FDA approvals. Similarly, EvaluatePharma’s 2017 report on orphan drugs projects that by 2020, six of the 10 best-selling global drug therapies will be biologic sterile injectable drugs. Precision medicine is also on the rise, with the FD...
Source: AstraZeneca  Oct 11, 2018  5 years ago
Metastatic breast cancer is cancer that has advanced and spread beyond the breast and regional lymph nodes to other parts of the body. Around 20–50% of patients diagnosed with primary breast cancer will develop metastatic disease and up to 19% of patients with breast cancer already had metastatic disease when they were first diagnosed. Treatments for metastatic breast cancer aim to allevia...


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