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Cancer Genomics for the Clinician
Month Of February 2019
Cancer Genomics for the Clinician
Publish Date: January 16, 2019
ISBN: 9780826168672
Page Count: 184
Publisher: Springer

Cancer Genomics for the Clinician is a practical guide to cancer genomics and its application to cancer diagnosis and care. The book begins with a brief overview of the various types of genetic alterations that are encountered in cancer, followed by accessible and applicable information on next generation sequencing technology and bioinformatics; tumor heterogeneity; whole genome, exome, and transcriptome sequencing; epigenomics; and data analysis and interpretation. Each chapter provides essential explanations of concepts, terminology, and methods. Also included are tips for interpreting and analyzing molecular data, as well as a discussion of molecular predictors for targeted therapies covering hematologic malignancies and solid tumors. The final chapter explains the use of FDA-approved genomic-based targeted therapies for breast cancer, lung cancer, sarcomas, gastrointestinal cancers, urologic cancers, head and neck cancer, thyroid cancer, and many more.

Key Features:

  • Describes how cancer genomics and next generation sequencing informs cancer screening, risk factors, therapeutic options, and clinical management across cancer types
  • Explains what mutations are, what tests are needed, and how to interpret the results
  • Provides information on FDA-approved targeted therapies that are being used in the clinic
  • Covers different sequencing platforms and technologies and how they perform in research settings
  • Includes access to the fully searchable eBook