Source: COVID-19 Racism  Nov 29, 2020  2 years ago
COVID-19 Racism: Chinese Says SARS-CoV-2 Originated From Indians. Thais Says As Long As Anyone Has Money, They Can Visit!
COVID-19 Racism: Chinese Says SARS-CoV-2 Originated From Indians. Thais Says As Long As Anyone Has Money, They Can Visit!
Source: COVID-19 Racism  Nov 29, 2020  2 years ago
COVID-19 Racism
: Racial tensions are getting heated up against a background where patriotism and nationalism is already emerging around a crazy world where at least 85 percent of the populations are simply ignorant and stupid. (Figures could be higher for America)

COVID-19 could be a godsend after all and perhaps hopefully by the time the fourth and fifth waves are over in the ongoing pandemic which is expected to last for years, the COVID-19 disease, the catalytic effects of the vaccines and the ever emerging mutations of the SARS-CoV-2(Largely propelled by stupid human initiatives) would have helped eradicate a sizable amount of the world population, hopefully the stupid, the greedy, the rich and also politicians. There are so many ways that the unheard and frustrated common people with brains can help achieve this as the COVID-19 pandemic provides ample opportunities simply by turning the virus into a destructive tool in a multiple of ways. (It is all there online in the dark web)
With so many conspiracy theories emerging including some claiming that the Chinese created the virus in labs while another that says the American military actually developed the virus by a process called serial passaging and that Trump’s plan to infect China backfired etc, many individuals are taking out their frustrations as a result of lockdowns and economic losses on whoever they can point a finger to based soon some of this misinformation spread online.
China and India is already close to a war as a result of border disputes and in a new development that is taking things a step further, China has in a new study has accused that the SARS-CoV-2 virus actually originated from India and that it was already circulating in eight other countries before appearing in China. The study however stopped short to say how the virus emerged in Wuhan and whether it was the result of some Chinese female or Chinese gay whores selling their wares to some cheap filthy Indian perverts that could have caused the spread and the emergence of the disease in Wuhan.
The new preprint paper by Chinese researchers says that the SARS-CoV-2 strains can be traced to eight countries from four continents before the Wuhan outbreak and says that the first human transmission may have occurred on the Indian subcontinent.
However many other scientists around the world are questioning its findings and methodology.
The release of the study by the Chinese also coincided just as the World Health Organization announced the start of the much-awaited investigation into the source of the coronavirus causing the Covid-19 disease.
Also the emergence of other scientific reports pointing conflicting fingers in different directions to where the pathogen may have come from is raising suspicions. en-before-china-detected-the-virus
Importantly to be clear, the conflict is not about where the virus was officially detected and identified in a human population; that place was the city of Wuhan in central China, last December. The question is not whether it “appeared” in Wuhan, but whether it “originated” in Wuhan.
The World Health Organization team, which had its first meeting on October 30, is tasked with answering that question using 10 international specialists from the United States, Japan and other countries, working with counterparts in China.
Also important is the host for the virus which is widely believed to be an animal from which the pathogen hopped to a human; finding the animal source could help science understand how it got into humans and prevent a repeat.
The search for the virus’ origin however has been infected by poisoned relations between Washington and Beijing. US President Donald Trump repeatedly blamed China for the virus, while Chinese officials responded by repeating a conspiracy theory that the US military had brought it to China.
Also other scientific teams looking for the origin of Sars-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19, have been pulled into that controversy including Professor Gabriella Sozzi whose study claims to have found evidence of antibodies to Sars-CoV-2 in blood samples from a cancer screening in the country and published a peer-reviewed paper on the results in November. It said the antibodies were in samples from September 2019, three months before the Wuhan outbreak was reported.
The release of that paper lead to a furious debate with a former official from the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention co-opting the Italian paper as evidence that Wuhan was not the virus’ source, while virologists elsewhere attacked its methodology, calling it flawed and even speculations that Professor Gabriella Sozzi was bought by the Chinese and a money trail investigation is currently underway.
The new study paper from researchers in China has examined the same issue and proposed that SAR-CoV-2 existed on several continents before the Wuhan outbreak. And they have a new theory: the first human transmission may have taken place on the Indian subcontinent.
Also interesting what was part of this research was peer-reviewed and published in the journal Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution on Tuesday by a team led by Dr Shen Libing, of the Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences.
The medical journal in which the study paper was peer reviewed and published is owned by the Dutch Elsevier group which is now speculated to be controlled by Chinese investors plus the fact that the group depends a lot on the China for its new businesses including supplying CDS or clinical decision support systems, Chinese medical journals etc, hence a possible bias nature.(Should the Indians and the rest of the Western world wish to retaliate, a boycott and ban of all Elsevier’s products would do the trick.)
A related paper by Dr Shen’s team, “The Early Cryptic Transmission and Evolution of Sars-CoV-2 in Human Hosts”, was posted on November 17 on, the so-called preprint platform of medical journal The Lancet. (owned also by Elsevier). It was based on research into strains of the virus provided by 17 countries and regions, and traced the earliest outbreak to India or Bangladesh.
It should be noted that a preprint is the publication of a paper before it has been peer-reviewed, or checked by other scientists. These findings, therefore, should not be interpreted as established conclusions.
Dr Shen’s team claimed that the traditional approach to tracing the origin of the coronavirus strains ie a process known as phylogenetic analysis did not work. That approach used a bat virus discovered several years ago in Yunnan, southwest China, as an ancestral reference to identify the mutations and evolutionary history. But the bat virus was not the human virus’ ancestor, so nobody was able to trace the pandemic to its very beginning.
Dr Shen’s instead used a new method that simply counts the number of mutations in each viral strain. The strains with more mutations have been around for a longer time, and those with fewer mutations are closer to the original ancestor of Sars-CoV-2.
Dr Shen’s paper said the team found that some strains had fewer mutations than the one first collected in Wuhan. It concluded: “Wuhan cannot be the first place where human-to-human Sars-CoV-2 transmission happened.”
Also, the study stated that the least mutated strain was found in eight countries from four continents: Australia, Bangladesh, Greece, the US, Russia, Italy, India and the Czech Republic.
However the virus could not have jumped to humans from all these places at the same time. The area of the first outbreak should have the largest genetic diversity, indicating it had been around for longer. No other regions had more viral diversity than India and Bangladesh, the study team found.
Dr Shen’s study said, “Both the least mutated strain’s geographic information and the strain diversity suggest that the Indian subcontinent might be the place where the earliest human-to-human Sars-CoV-2 transmission occurred.”
However other scientists questioned the finding, saying the research principles and software used were not of the standard expected for this kind of phylogenetic analysis.
Dr Marc Suchard, professor in the departments of biostatistics and human genetics at the University of California, Los Angeles told Thailand Medical News, “Picking the viral sequence that appears to have the least number of differences to the others in an arbitrary collection is unlikely to yield the progenitor.”
Dr Suchard added that although phylogenetics “holds great promise in helping us understand the emergence and spread of viral pathogens, what we can learn comes with considerable uncertainty”.
According to Dr Shen and colleagues, extreme weather may have triggered the pandemic, in May 2019, India had its second-longest heatwave on record. Drought forced animals and humans to the same sources of drinking water. This may have increased the chance of the virus jumping to humans, they said.
Dr Shen said the large proportion of young people in India could have reduced the frequency of severe cases and made the virus more difficult to detect.
The Indian government and Indian virologists and medical experts and researchers have not commented or refuted on this study so far.
Meanwhile in the land of smiles for money, it is expected that Thai authorities will be opening up Thailand to tourism as early as December and as long as travellers have enough monies to pay for their own quarantine facilities which are designated by the Thai authorities and also able to pay for their own health insurance prior to coming plus proof of sufficient funds along with other prerequisite conditions.
The quarantine business is already turning to be a money earner for Thailand and the country which is in a bad economic state due to mismanagement is desperate for stupid tourists waiting to get scammed. The gullible Chinese, the penny wise but pound foolish Indians and the stupid rich older single ‘farangs’ that desperate to get laid by multiple-pathogen infested whores are basically key targets.
Even with any new SARS-Cov-2 mutated strains that might come along these targeted groups, the country is fully equipped to handle any fresh COVID-19 outbreaks and keep the COVID-19 infection rates down with its strong online laws, emergency decrees and also its literally absent testing strategies and the ever useful PUI (patient under investigation) status.
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