Nov 14, 2018
KaWe EUROLIGHT C10 2.5V otoscope
KaWe EUROLIGHT C10 2.5V otoscope
  Nov 14, 2018

KaWe has one of the largest product lines of otoscopes in the world (human/veterinary) and offers a large variety of accessories as well as a selection of otoscope colours. The magnifying glass optics with either 3 or 2.5 times magnification ensures an optimally focused image. All fibre optics (F.O.) models are equipped with xenon lamps, which produce particularly bright, white light. KaWe supplies high quality products at an unbeatable price.

  • 2.5 V
  • screw closure
  • vacuum bulb
  • metal battery-/charging handle C
  • dimmable rheostat
  • disposable ear funnels
    10 x Ø 2.5 mm
    10 x Ø 4.0 mm
  • in bag with zipper
  • batteries: 2 C batteries
    (batteries not included in the scope of supply)
  • rechargeable in charging station KaWE MedCharge® 4000 with rechargeable battery
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