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www.medtecchina.com   Mar 31, 2019  4 years ago
Medtec China 2019 scaled up by 21%, booth sell out imminent
Medtec China 2019 scaled up by 21%, booth sell out imminent
www.medtecchina.com   Mar 31, 2019  4 years ago
SHANGHAI - Following the growth in its scale by 17% last year, Medtec China 2019 has continued its upward momentum trend in terms of the area of exhibition booths commercially available, which has increased by 25%. The overall scale of the event, meanwhile, is up by 21%. So far, the number of new exhibitors, according to the most recent data, has risen to 53. Further, 10 suppliers from New York, USA will make their first appearance at Medtec China 2019 in the form of an international pavilion, while the German and Singapore pavilions have confirmed their continued presence at a greater scale. It is predicted that Medtec China 2019 will bring together 450+ premium brand suppliers from 23 countries around the world, to provide the Chinese medical device industry with raw materials for product development, manufacturing and registration, precision parts and components, manufacturing equipment, processing technology, contract customization, testing and certification, policies and regulations, design, and market consulting, among other services. The exhibition will be take place at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center on September 25–27.

International and local exhibitors with premium exhibits to rejuvenate the industry with R&D creativity

The Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) system is being promoted in full swing in China to advance the R&D and innovation of medical equipment, and optimize the allocation of resources in the industry. Medtec China is the leading event for the medical device design and manufacturing industry in China. The exhibition is committed to providing quality resources for the optimization of the medical device industrial chain, constantly delivering premium brand suppliers for China's medical device industry, and powering the localization of high-end medical equipment.
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Visitors viewing automation equipment at Medtec China 2018
At Medtec China 2019, a wealth of well-known domestic and overseas brands have been invited to exhibit their latest and most state-of-the-art products and solutions, such as Mikron Industrial Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd., Hitachi Metals (China) Ltd., Guangdong Shunde HZ-Technology Co., Ltd., Branson Ultrasonics (Shanghai) CO., Ltd., Marposs (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Ourway Packing Products Co., Ltd.

Mikron's Asian premiere product Ecoline Mini can fully meet the flexible production needs of medical devices; Nissei’s electric injection molding machine features high quality and high stability; Hitachi ultra-fine diameter cable products provide solutions for ultra-fine diameter endoscopy and treatment to explore the confined spaces of the human body; HZ-Technology's transparent plastic laser welding technology allows direct welding without the addition of absorbing materials; Branson's GSX platform provides a mechanical and electronic control system boasting advanced control and precise positioning using pressure stepping; the Marposs Tecna leak detector series is widely applied in the medical and packaging test industry; Ourway Packing owns a number of fully-automatic thermoforming machines imported from Germany (ILLIG) and CNC machining center to better meet the needs of large-scale blister products and medical device manufacturers.

Meeting events to build a platform for industry education and research of medical device manufacturing

Coinciding with the Medtec China exhibition, three days of meetings will be convened to offer abundant learning opportunities and practical activities for medical device practitioners, address current hot and challenging issues concerning “Regulations, quality and technology,” and provide participants with opportunities to expand their professional networking resource. The meetings this year will continue with the topics of previous years and, according to the current trends of the industry, introduce new content as follows: the Regulation Summit will remain focused on Chinese Regulatory Updates and Compliance; the Quality Track will focus on Risk Management of Medical Product Life Cycle and Key Points and Strategy for Inspection; as for the technology sector, in addition to the return of The 7th IIMD China Summit (Implantable and Interventional Medical Device), and the retention of such traditional hot topics as medical hygiene materials, medical device packaging and sterilization, and medical device design, authoritative guests will be invited to share their expertise primarily on new topics like injection molding and medical electronics. Among other concurrent events, the new technology presentations and the 5th medical device market analysis report will continue to be carried forth.
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The onsite conference of "China Medical Device Regulatory Updates" in 2018
Medtec China 2019 will be held September 25–27. There will be a grand 15th anniversary celebration and opening ceremony, business matchmaking service, and many more appealing events onsite. The exhibition is expected to attract more than 450 high-quality international and domestic exhibitors, products and services covering design and R&D, raw materials, precision parts, processing technology and manufacturing equipment, among others; about 25,000 professional visitors from more than 5,000 medical manufacturing enterprises will gather for this grand event.
For more information, please visit Medtec China's official website: www.medtecchina.com

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