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Source: Thailand Medical News  Sep 20, 2019  4 years, 1 week, 5 days, 13 hours, 52 minutes ago

British Government Invests US$300m In AI Healthcare Lab

British Government Invests US$300m In AI Healthcare Lab
Source: Thailand Medical News  Sep 20, 2019  4 years, 1 week, 5 days, 13 hours, 52 minutes ago
The British government unveiled that as part of its Health Digitization Programme , the National Health Services or NHS will invest over US$300 million in an artificial intelligence or AI laboratory to assists with creating platforms for early   cancer detection and find new treatments for dementia. the lab will sit within NHSX, a new organization that will oversee the digitization of the health and care system, in partnership with the Accelerated Access Collaborative.
The NHS hopes that with the setting of the new AI lab, which involves bringing together the  best academics, specialists and technology companies to work on some of the biggest challenges in healthcare, it will become a world health leader using AI.
NHS England Chief Executive, Simon Stevens commented in an interview with Thailand Medical News “In the initial phase, it should help personalize NHS screening and treatments for cancer, eye disease and a range of other conditions, as well as freeing up staff time, and our new NHS AI Lab will ensure the benefits of NHS data and innovation are fully harnessed for patients in Britain.”
The AI Lab, which will start receiving the funding in the 2020/2021 fiscal year, will help improve improve cancer screening by speeding up the results of tests, including mammograms, brain scans, eye scans and heart monitoring. The lab is expected to use predictive models to better estimate future needs of beds, drugs, devices or surgeries and to identify which patients co uld be more easily treated in the community, reducing the pressure on public healthcare and helping patients receive treatment closer to home.
The AI Lab should be able to identify patients most at risk of diseases such as heart disease or dementia, allowing for earlier diagnosis and cheaper, more focused, personalized prevention. It will also facilitate the building of systems to detect people at risk of post-operative complications or infections and those who are more likely to require follow-up from clinicians, thereby improving patient safety and reducing readmission rates.The lab will also help upskill the NHS workforce so they can use AI systems for day-to-day tasks and to help automate routine administrative duties in order to free up clinicians so more time can be spent with patients. The systems could also be used for inspection of algorithms already used by the NHS to increase the standards of AI safety, thus making systems fairer and more robust while ensuring patient confidentiality is protected.
The NHS has embarked on a digitization program and has come up with a long term plan. One of the objectives of the plan is to use AI to help clinicians improve health delivery.
Britain is  on the edge of a huge health tech revolution that could transform patient experience ‘by making the NHS a truly predictive, preventive and personalized health and care service . Adam Steventon, director of data analytics at the Health Foundation think-tank, commented that there was need for “robust evaluation” in the way technology was deployed at the NHS adding that “technology needs to be driven by patient need and not just for technology’s sake.” The British healthcare industry is increasingly adopting AI, which promises a tremendous upgrade for the whole industry. AI, Big Data and Machine Learning are all revolutionizing the medical and healthcare industry while bringing about so many newer solutions and also newer perspectives.


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