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  Oct 12, 2018

Management of Sleep Deprivation

When an individual is sleep deprived, the best way to reduce the symptoms and manage the condition is to increase the quantity or quality of sleep to meet their needs. However, the techniques used to increase sleep will vary according to the cause of sleep deprivation and the specific situation.

Addressing the Cause

Initially, identifying the possible causative factors of sleep deprivation is essential, which should then be addressed before implementing other management techniques.

Simple changes to the sleeping environment and habits can be sufficient to reduce deprivation of sleep in many cases. This may include reducing light or sound in the bedroom, or avoiding caffeinated drinks and alcohol before bedtime. The blue light from electronic screens can also cause difficulty sleeping and should not be used directly before sleeping.

If there are specific work or study commitments that are inhibiting the normal and healthy sleep patterns, these may need to be addressed. Shift workers and people who frequently fly are more likely to have disrupted sleep patterns and be deprived of sleep. Additionally, adolescents that go to sleep late due to a delayed circadian rhythm may bene