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  Dec 12, 2018
SPECUVAG AS Vaginal Speculum from RI.MOS
SPECUVAG AS Vaginal Speculum from RI.MOS
  Dec 12, 2018

The SPECUVAG AS vaginal speculum from RI.MOS consists of smoke evacuator adapter and central key locking system. It allows to widen the vaginal canal and expose the uterus neck.

  • Recommended to remove vapours and smoke out of the treated area during laser and diathermocoagulation procedures.
  • It is possible to adjust  the vaginal opening by fixing the blades and locking the central key.
  • The central key can be bent down for an easier introduction of cumbersome instruments.
  • Smoke evacuation adapter  fits a range of aspiration tubings with i.d. from 5.5 to 10 mm.
  • Opaque raw material avoids unpleasant reflections as a consequence of  laser procedures.

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