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  Dec 13, 2018
DRAMINSKI FAST Ultrasound Scanner for Basic Diagnostics
DRAMINSKI FAST Ultrasound Scanner for Basic Diagnostics
  Dec 13, 2018

DRAMINSKI FAST was designed for basic ultrasound diagnostics. It can be used even in the most difficult site and weather conditions. It was made for field and military medicine, emergency medicine and mobile gynaecology.

  • Can you imagine rescuing someone’s life with a scanner which takes 5 minutes to switch on?
  • Have you ever tried to carry a device which weighs 12 kg to the emergency department?
  • Will the plastic scanner survive falling down if the device slips out of your hand?
  • How much time do you need to disinfect a scanner with a laptop keyboard and a dozen of keys?

Do you need something light, small, reliable, fast in use and disinfection? Try and make sure how easy and accurate diagnostics would be with the DRAMINSKI ultrasound scanner.

What distinguishes DRAMINSKI ultrasound scanners?

  • Excellent imaging
  • Ultra mobility
  • Extreme durability
  • Easiness in disinfection
  • Long service life

For whom is FAST?

It is for every doctor who appreciates mobile, extremely durable ultrasound scanners which operate well in the most difficult site conditions and long battery run time.

FAST: Extremely durable, mobile, ready to work within 25 seconds, easy to disinfect, easy to operate, battery run time is 4.5 hours. It has mechanical probes.

Where can it be applied?

You will be able to carry out:

  • scanning of the abdominal cavity (FAST, eFAST examinations)
  • scanning of lungs (BLUE protocol)
  • basic gynaecological and obstetric investigation.

Your aim is to improve health care, our aim is to provide you with the best ultrasound equipment.

The set contains:

  • FAST ultrasound scanner with a back lit LED LCD monitor and a membrane keyboard
  • Mechanical probe – its type depends on agreement with the supplier
  • Battery back (Li-Ion, 14,4 V / 3.1 Ah)
  • Battery charger with a 230 V supplying cable
  • Adapter for the external memory port to transfer the images to the external memory
  • Transport case
  • Tripod – table support
  • User manual and warranty card

Technical Data

Use   ultrasound medical diagnostics
Mode of imaging   black-and-white imaging B,  B+B,  B+
Image management   Freeze
Zoom 60 – 200% of the initial image, enlargement every 20%
Full screen function
Storage of images and cine-loops in the memory (256 exposures)
Transferring images and cine-loops from the memory to the screen
Measuring (distance, surface, volume)
Monitor   LCD LED screen, diagonal 6.5″
Functions’ control   membrane keyboard
Images and cine-loops’ memory   memory capacity is min. 200 images and 200 cine-loops with a date and description
Image transmission   to an external disc – possibility to connect to a USB port via external memory connector using a special adaptor
Type of heads   Mechanical – abdominal  90º, endovaginal  90º and endorectal 360º. Frequency range from: 3 to 10 MHz
Number of head ports   two independent ports (connectors)
Supply   external battery pack (Li-Ion, 14.4V, 3.1 Ah)
Continuous work at battery supply   4 hours 30 minutes – at a single fully charged battery pack
Time of battery pack charging   about 2.5 hours (charger Type 2541 LI)
Indicator of battery pack discharge   graphic indicator – colour code and a sound signal before an automatic switch off
Size   23.0 cm x 20.0 cm x  6.0 cm
Weight of the device   1530 g without a probe and the battery pack
Weight of the battery pack   280 g
Working temperature   +10 °C to +45 °C
Storage temperature   +5 °C to +45 °C
Energy consumption   around 0.71 A

For more detail: http://www.draminski.com/med/emergency-medicine/draminski-fast/
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