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Source : Thailand Medical News  Feb 16, 2020  3 years ago
BREAKING NEWS! World Health Organization’s Chief Says Coronavirus Is Airborne But Many Concealing This Including Media From US, China and Europe
BREAKING NEWS! World Health Organization’s Chief Says Coronavirus Is Airborne But Many Concealing This Including Media From US, China and Europe
Source : Thailand Medical News  Feb 16, 2020  3 years ago

During the last 6 days, certain country leaders have been downplaying the seriousness of the 
coronavirus epidemic despite increasing death tolls and infected cases.
When a leading Chinese researcher, Dr  Zeng Qun,who is  the deputy head of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, told a press briefing last Saturday in Shanghai that the new coronavirus can be spread via airborne transmission, along with Dr Shen Yinzhong, the medical director of the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center who also made the similar statement at another press event on the same day, they were immediately reprimanded by Chinese authorities and China embarked on another PR exercise to refute these claims.
Surprisingly certain other countries leaders and health authorities also sided China and refuted these claims despite no studies indicating that the coronavirus  was not transmittable by airborne means.
If one was to merely google online, you can find evidence of individuals from government figures to health authorities and health professionals from certain countries making public and media statements claiming that the Covid-19 t-family:sans-serif,arial,verdana,trebuchet ms; font-size:13px"> disease is not airborne. (on whose directive we are not sure.)
WHO (World Health Organization) held a press conference on the 11th of February 2020 in Geneva in which the selected invited media and wire agencies were given a briefing about the coronavirus. During that briefing, the media was publicly told by the World Health Organization Director General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and his team that the coronavirus is airborne and even more dangerous than the Ebola virus!
A few hours after the event, it was claimed by a source (data not verfied yet) that certain high level authorities not from WHO requested that the media omit any mention of that and all footages of the event was to be deleted. However a Canadian news network called Global News retained footages of the whole proceeding and posted it online on youtube:  

(viewers are advised to jump to the time : 38.30 till 39.30 to see the claims by
 WHO that the coronavirus is airborne, if you do not have time to see the whole video)

None of the media that attended the event ever mentioned about the airborne and potency effects of the coronavirus to this day.
We have also been told by a third party in China (data not verified yet) that a group of  Chinese researchers have actually done a study to prove that the coronavirus is indeed airborne but have since been being reprimanded by the Chinese authorities. We are of the midst of securing copy of these studies and reports and also other research studies on the coronavirus and will be submitting it to certain parties in Canada and Australia for verification before publishing them online as these are the only safe countries at the moment.
We are now extremely confused not only on the issue of the fact that the coronavirus is indeed airborne but why the cover ups and who are behind the the coverups and why. It is also scary to think that many well known respected and trusted media and social media platforms could also be involved in the coverups.
Whether or not the coronavirus is airborne has a lot of implications. If it is, it really means that the spread can be more massive than we thought. and that is is truly a global threat.

Please share this article with all as everyone deserves the right to know the truth.This artilce is not to create panic but rather for people to be aware and take necessary precautions.We are also not sure how long this article and video will be allowed online! before it is forcefully taken down.
For latest updates about the coronavirus  or the Thailand Coronavirus scenario,check out : https://www.thailandmedical.news/articles/coronavirus


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