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  Oct 17, 2018


What is a fontanelle?

The soft parts of the newborn baby’s skull are known as fontanelles. While there are six fontanelles found in the skull of a newborn, only two are commonly known. The one in the middle of the head, on the top portion is known as the Anterior fontanelle. It is shaped like a diamond and takes about a year to close. The one in the rear portion of the head is called the posterior fontanelle. It is triangular in shape and closes within a couple of months after birth.

How is a fontanelle formed?

The newborn human baby has a skull that consists of six different bones. These are also called cranial bones and include a frontal bone, an occipital bone, two parietal bones and two temporal bones. The six cranial bones are held in place by strong and flexible tissues known as sutures. Over a period of time these tissues tend to solidify, knitting the different bones of the cranium together to form the skull.

The six different fontanelles are formed along the lines of these six bones. Besides the anterior and posterior fontanelles, there are also two mastoid and two sphenoid fontanelles formed at birth. However these four fonta