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  Dec 13, 2018
TRINITY 3D Prostate Cartographer from KOELIS
TRINITY 3D Prostate Cartographer from KOELIS
  Dec 13, 2018

At the convergence of urology, radiology and nuclear medicine, Trinity® is the first cartographer conceived for providing the best prostate cancer care. With an exclusive cutting-edge technology integrating 3D ultrasound, elastic fusion and Organ-Based Tracking®, the system creates a precise and highly detailed 3D map of the prostate combining the strengths of different imaging modalities (MRI/PET/CT…). This technology allows to plan interventions, target suspicious lesions and record biopsy cores in a 3D map for quality control, new biopsy sessions or treatment planning. Either for transrectal or transperineal approach, Trinity® brings the physician a reliable tool that guarantees a personalized and accurate prostate cancer plan and management, from biopsy to active surveillance and treatment.

From Random to Tartegeted Biopsies

Control biopsy sampling in real time and record 3D mapping for further personalized patient management. Suitable for primary session biopsy with or without MRI.

Improve the detection rate by a factor two.

Find high-grade lesions using Multimodality Image Fusion

Adapt biopsy sampling in order to accurately detect prostate high grade targets identified by the image modality (MRI, PET…).

Use KOELIS precise Elastic Tracking to Frame the lesions before targeted treatment.

Manage Repeated Targeted Approaches

Prior cores become the target! Use the previous 3D map to adapt active surveillance biopsies towards unsampled areas or to formerly active areas.



For more detail: http://koelis.com/en/products/trinity/
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