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  Dec 06, 2018
QuStick Strep A Rapid Test from EKF Diagnostics
QuStick Strep A Rapid Test from EKF Diagnostics
  Dec 06, 2018


  • Sensitivity: 97%
  • Superior culture classification:
  • 91% @ Rare (< 5 colonies)
  • 100% @ 1+ (<10 colonies)

QuStick Strep A Provides Early Diagnosis of Strep A Infection Allowing Cost-Effective Treatment

QuStick™ Strep A from EKF Diagnostics provides qualitative detection of Group A Streptococcal Antigen directly from throat specimens from patients within five minutes.

QuStick Strep A is highly sensitive and has been proven to detect difficult cases that other rapid streptococcal tests may miss. Its enhanced sensitivity is because it requires fewer bacterial colonies to be present in order to provide a positive result.

In turn, this means that Strep A can be diagnosed earlier allowing patients to be treated quicker and more cost-effectively.

QuStick Strep A kits use a simple dip stick format. Each kit includes individually pouched test strips, reagent A and B, positive and negative external controls, polyester throat swabs, extraction tubes and a pictorial user’s guide.

QuStick Strep A kits from Stanbio Chemistry are CLIA waived and CE marked and have a shelf life of 20 months.

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