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  Dec 06, 2018
Hema-Screen Lab Pack from EKF Diagnostics
Hema-Screen Lab Pack from EKF Diagnostics
  Dec 06, 2018

Hema-Screen® Lab Pack

  • Slide test for fecal occult blood
  • On-slide positive and negative monitors
  • Proven guaiac methodology
  • Results in two minutes
  • Long shelf life — room temperature storage

The Most Widely Used Methodology for Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer

The cost-effective Hema-Screen® Lab Pack is designed to collect and test specimens for signs of Occult Blood - an early sign of colorectal cancer.

The assay is performed in the laboratory and utilizes on-slide positive and negative monitors. Results are provided in two minutes.

Each test kit comes complete with Hema-Screen® developing solution, wooden applicators, simple-to-follow instructions and a technical insert. Hema-Screen® Lab Packs can be stored at room temperature.

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