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  Nov 25, 2018
EZ-Crawl from Fillauer
EZ-Crawl from Fillauer
  Nov 25, 2018

The EZ-Crawl by Fillauer incorporates the proven treatment protocols for the treatment of congenital club foot using the Ponseti method while promoting the maximum amount of freedom and movement for the child and ease of donning and doffing for parents and caretakers.

The width of the bar is easily adjusted to accommodate growth while the quick disconnects on the bar allow the AFO's to be removed or attached in seconds. The permanent placement of the attachment pins on the AFO does prevent accidental adjustment to the degrees of external rotation resulting in an error proof design.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows greater freedom of movement for crawling and other activities
  • Adheres to modern treatment protocol for Talipes Equinovarus (clubfoot)
  • Quick and easy detachment for diaper changes, donning, and doffing
  • Permits standing and full weight bearing
  • Adjustable bar width to accommodate growth
  • Allows shoewear with orthosis
  • Lightweight and versatile design
  • Developed by leading clinic pediatric orthotists
For more detail: http://fillauer.com/Pediatrics/EZ-crawl.html
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