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Source: COVID-19 Research  Apr 09, 2020  1 year ago
MUST READ! Research Reveals That COVID-19 Attacks Hemoglobin In Red Blood Cells, Rendering It Incapable Of Transporting Oxygen. Current Medical Protocols Could All Be Wrong!
MUST READ! Research Reveals That COVID-19 Attacks Hemoglobin In Red Blood Cells, Rendering It Incapable Of Transporting Oxygen. Current Medical Protocols Could All Be Wrong!
Source: COVID-19 Research  Apr 09, 2020  1 year ago
Alert! We have discovered that the research by these CHINESE RESEARCHERS ARE FAKE AND WE ADVISE ALL READERS TO DISREGARD THIS ARTICLE. We already had issued a warning on the 15th of APRIL that this research was debatable. (see below).There has been many misinformation and fake studies from Chinese researchers we are not sure whether deliberately or simply to defraud others. Also along with researchers from China, careful attention has to be paid to French researchers whether they are based in France or in The US as a lot of French research is also emerging to be fraudulent esp the ones about Choloroquinine and Hydroxycholoroquinine that was also promoted extensively by Facebook accounts and News etc.We also warn readers to be careful about fact checkers employed by facebook as some have hidden agendas and we are undercovering certain details in a collaborative effort with other newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post etc.

COVID-19 Research
: Findings from a new study released by Chinese researchers , Dr  Wenzhong Liu from Sichuan University and Dr Hualan Li from Yibin University has revealed that the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus attacks hemoglobin in the the red blood cells through a series of cellular actions, that ultimately renders the red blood cells incapable of transporting oxygen.

Though the virus is able to attack the ACE2 receptors in the lung tissues and cause damage and also while cytokine storms are creating more damage, it is most probability of the body’s inability get enough oxygen along with carbon dioxide build up that is creating the so called ARDS symptoms and stress and current protocols could be all wrong including the usage of ventilators in a non-proper manner way that could actually aggravate  already ‘injured’ and inflamed lungs.
Red blood cells are critical oxygen carriers to the various cells in the body. Inside the red blood cells is a molecule called hemoglobin that contains heme groups. Each of these heme groups is molecular “ring” (porphyrin) that holds an Iron ion or FE ion. It is the FE ions that helps to transport oxygen in the bloodstream depending on states of oxidation.
Typically the red blood cells pick up oxygen from the lungs to transport to other parts of the bodies.
Once inside a human host cell, the virus’s RNA also codes for a number of non-structural proteins that are created during the replication process. These proteins are not part of the virus itself but helps the virus to ‘hijack” other cellularpath ways or actions to facilate its survival in the host.

The research discovered that some of these proteins are to hijack the red blod cells and remove the Iron ions from the heme groups (HBB) and replace themselves with it. This makes the hemoglobin unable to transport oxygen.
As a result the lungs are stressed out and inflamed while the rest of the organs are also being affected. The so called ARDS and subsequent organ failure could be attributed to this.
It was also suggested by another virologists that perhaps the coronavirus does not produce these proteins in the early stages of infection but will do so as a certain threshold is reached and only then the proteins ORF8,ORF1ab, ORF10, and ORF3a are produced.

This could explains the observation made by various ER docs (incl this one in New Orleans) that patients tend to have elevated ferritin. Typically ferritin is used to store excess iron. If a lot of iron is 'pushed' out of heme groups and circulating around, the body produces more ferritin.
Many ER and ICU doctors are now questioning treatment protocols and also questioning the usage of ventilators in certain cases.
Though the study has not been peer-reviewed, many ER doctors are indicating that certain clinical observations tally with the study .
An interesting video to watch is by an ER doctor in New York.

The implications from this new study are many as certain medical protocols being adopted could be wrong and could actually be making things worse for patients.
Thailand Medical News will be reporting further on this new development.

UPDATE! 14th April 2020: A none peer reviewed pre-print by a British medical professional who has in the past been funded by The Wellcome trusts that is backed by a huge pharmaceuctical interest, is currently challenging the study of the Chinese researchers.

We hope that more researchers and medical experts will come forth and help clear the validity of both pre-prints and we hope that more medical doctors on the ground level will also help to put forth their observations and thoughts. Please use the live chat function to submit a message and also include  your emails or use the contact submission.
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