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Seeking Nursing Aides For Elderly Patients (Residential)
Positions Vacant - PV00002/1/19
January 20, 2019
Seeking Nursing Aides For Elderly Patients (Residential)
We are seeking trained and qualified nursing aides ,both either stay in or out positions for various foreign clients based in Bangkok. Open to both thais and foreigners but must possess the necessary documentary proof of previous trainings. Open to individuals who have pleasant personalities, patience and respect for the elderly. All selected candidates have to undergo paid training for 35 days prior to being assigned a position . All assigned working enviroments are safe as both clients and nursing aides are pre screened and also residences assigned have CCTV cameras as added surveilance of both patients and nursing aide staff.

Please send your cvs and  recent picture and also copy of necessary prior nursing aide training certs to: cancer111aid@gmail.com