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Part-time Caregiver Wanted at Thonglor
Positions Vacant - PV00004/8/18
August 04, 2018
Part-time Caregiver Wanted at Thonglor
An Expat couple with a 73 year old ailing mother needs a passionate and kind stay-in caregiver who has at least nursing-aid training and  prior experiences dealing with old ailing patients. The caregiver will be based in our 4 bedroom condo and will have her own bedroom with attached toilet, meals provided and will be required to work at least 6 days a week with a weekday off and if required, overtime pay will be paid for holidays not taken. Open to thais and foreigners but references required and our lawyers will handle all the paperwork. We have also two maids and a cook to handle all the other household chores.

Reply with an English resume to: classifieds@thailandmedical.news quoting the classified ad.