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Health Trends For Today's Women
24 June 2019
Venue: Novotel Sukhumvit Soi 20
Organized by: Thailand Medical News
Health Trends For Today's Women
A full day programme targetting today's women be it working professionals, full-time mothers and housewives or even female students. The programme gives you insights about health issues and diseases affecting females and also offers preventive measures as well as new diagnostics and treatment protocols available. There are also sessions on the laetsts aesthetic procedures and anti-aging protocols available along with guides to weigh loss and beauty enhancements. There is even a special session of the latests coaching techniques that can bring out the full potential in a female and much more. There are also a series of special discount vouchers for all attendees. Please email pr@thailandmedical.news for bookings. There are early bird and also group and cash discounts available. enjoy a full day of informational activities along with lunch and tea breaks.For more details, call 081-1104888. Limited seats.